The Chicago Sun-Times Reports that Even Chicago Democrats Who Saw The Undefeated in Chicago Came Away Impressed with Governor Palin

Any of our Chicago readers know where in the Chicago Sun-Times print edition did it place this article about The Undefeated and Roger Ebert’s review?  In any event, we have a concession:

Tea Party members weren’t the only ones who came away from the film with admiration for the former Alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential candidate.

Eddie Bryant, who attended the screening of “The Undefeated” at downtown’s Gene Siskel Film Center, is an African-American and Chicago Democrat. The retired 67-year-old Union Pacific employee said he was surprised to find he actually likes Palin.

“I came because my friend is always talking about Sarah Palin. People say this lady is brainless. She’s not only smart, but she’s a clean-government person. I gained respect for her,” Bryant said….

The director, Stephen K. Bannon, told the audience afterward: “My objective was to drive a stake in the heart of ‘Caribou Barbie,’ ” referring to the airhead image of Palin in the media. He said traditional movie critics have “eviscerated” his film, but he’s shown it to liberal audiences in New York and other cities and they “came out of this with a grudging admiration of what she’s accomplished.”

“She is Walmart nation,” the director said, adding that the Tea Party members in the audience and elsewhere are “the salvation of the country.”

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