The Shameful End of the Space Shuttle Program

Guest Submission by Cathy Ann Ricci

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis blastsed off earlier last month for the last time, it was estimated that the United States will have to wait give more years before we have the technology to transport our American Astronauts into space.

Within those five years, the American people will have to depend on the Russians to transport American Astronauts into space. Yes, that’s right, AMERICA WILL HAVE TO DEPEND ON THE RUSSIANS TO TRANSPORT OUR ASTRONAUTS INTO SPACE!

This is disgusting and a national tragedy.

The shuttle program isn’t being scrapped by Barack Obama because the space shuttles are no longer capable of continuing into space. No, the space shuttle program is being scrapped because Obama doesn’t want to fund it. Obama would rather disgrace America by having to depend on the Russians, then to continue funding the shuttle program until NASA develops a better way of space transportation.

The NASA program for decades has been the pride and joy of every American. A person can be having the worst life or the worst day, but when you see that Shuttle lift off, with the American flag on it’s side, well, it fills your mind, body and spirit with a never-ending pride.

When Atlantis blasted off, ending the shuttle program, what will we be teaching our younger generation of Americans? That it doesn’t matter anymore if America leads the way in space exploration? That it doesn’t matter if the American flag is proudly displayed on the side of the Space shuttle, and on the shoulder of every astronaut’s space suit?

This is a very sad month. And the five years to come, having to depend on Russia to transport our Astronauts into space will also be a sad and shameful time.

I suspect JFK is rolling over in his grave. But I don’t think Barack Obama gives a crap.

Barack Obama has never “gotten America” and sadly he never will. He has never understood the beauty and the greatness of the United States and he never will.

We need to vote Barack Obama out of office, and vote in a new President who will see the beauty in American space exploration, and who will reinstate the shuttle program until the United States and NASA develop a better means of space travel, and send a message to the Russians, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

How many more times will Barack Obama embarrass and disgrace America by chipping away at our greatness? He is the worst president we have ever had and he is simply shameful.

Americans like Barack Obama will never get what it means to have the American flag proudly displayed on the space suite of an American Astronaut.

Americans like Obama, who have no shame bowing down to kings and emperors, and who travel abroad apologizing for America’s “arrogance”  are incapable of understanding the greatness and the majesty of the American Space Program.

It will be a great day when the Shuttle Atlantis arrives home safely, but a sad day because it will be the last Space Shuttle flight (at least while Obama is president.)

After Atlantis lands for the last time, our brave and brilliant astronauts will have to depend on the Russians for space travel. It is a disgusting and humiliating situation that Barack Obama has put the United States in.

Picture a situation where our astronauts are in space and need supplies or rescuing. In Obama’s mind, he has no problem begging the Russians to come and save our ass.

But like I said, he doesn’t get it and he never will.

Obama has never had a problem humiliating the United States in front of the world, so why should he stop now.

Hopefully, in 2012, America will bring back the Space Shuttle Program (until the United States develops a better means of independent space travel) and retire Barack Obama.

In 2012, let’s elect a president who “Gets America.”

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