“The Undefeated” and the Volunteering4Palin project

It has come to my attention that the American Thinker piece I posted late last night was written by one of Georgia’s Organize4Palin volunteers, Rob Cunningham, where he writes in part:

In one July week, our entire conservative movement can become enormously stronger if we work together and “get out the viewers.” Invite a few friends, visit with your neighbors or organize a youth group. By making a concerted effort to better educate ourselves and our fellow citizens, the best and brightest conservative leaders across our nation will benefit.

Cunningham has also put together the excellent and independent Volunteering4Palin project to implement the strategy that he discusses in his article. He and other Organize4Palin volunteers in Georgia and South Carolina have already been on this project, and all are encouraged to join them in getting involved in these efforts. Please check out the site here to see how you can be participate in this effort to not only set the record straight on Governor Palin’s record, but to also help the grassroots remain empowered through this film. Please watch the video below that Cunningham and his wife have put together discussing how you can get involved in getting the word out about the film and inviting people to attend it in theaters throughout the country.

To get involved, again please check out the Volunteering4Palin. Also, if you haven’t already, please sign up with Organize4Palin to support Governor Palin going forward both with efforts such as encouraging voters to see “The Undefeated” and getting involved with local efforts throughout the country. Also, please remember the effort that Nicole proposed this week to write letters to the editor in support of the film to your local paper.

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