The Undefeated Finished the Weekend With the Third Best Gross Per Theater Average for Movies Shown at More Than One Theater/Open Thread

The Undefeated finished the weekend with the third-best gross per theater average for movies shown at more than one theater.  Its gross per theater average finished ahead of Winnie the Pooh in its opening weekend and other blockbuster movies like the Transformers and Horrible Bosses.  It also finished effectively tied with the indie movie Tabloid and ahead of nearly every other indie movie that was played in a similar number of theaters.

Keep in mind too that the movie only received around $40,000 for print media and received little promotional help from Fox News contrary to some claims.  Some Democrat Party hacks are citing the Newsweek cover story as promotion but that story was primarily about whether Governor Palin will run for the presidency.  The movie was an ancillary topic in the cover story.

Stephen Bannon talks to Lou Dobbs and Rusty Humphries.

Even those who continue to lie about how Governor Palin won’t run concede:

The splash at the Pella Opera House puts her back in the discussion as national pundits say she’s the only one who can choose to get in whenever she damn well pleases. Her name recognition alone in early states probably saves her campaign how much? $20 million? $50 million? Even if she is running this cycle, and I still don’t think she is, choosing to wait is the smartest investment she’s ever made.

Anyone think that the Governor was head-faking with her comments about August and September (she technically never said she herself would wait until August and September) and will instead make an announcement that comes much sooner?

70% of Mitt “peacetime” Romney’s donors are already maxed-out.  It appears that Romney’s support has hit its ceiling  as he has no place to go but down when Pawlenty/Huntsman both eventually hit double digits.

What else is going on today?

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