They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #20 Arnold Schwarzenegger

[NB: Some of our readers have expressed concern with our choices for this list, insofar as some of the individuals listed are not exactly “fans” of Governor Palin. Please understand that much of this list is tongue-in-cheek, and in many cases, we are simply throwing these people’s words back at them, so the next time they attack the Guv, we can respond, “Oh, really, Mr. Such-and-Such? You didn’t say that last year, when you said this.” You dig? Cool. On with the list!]

Many in the lamestream media took Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (R, really?—CA) words out of context in order to make it sound like he was calling Governor Palin unqualified for the Vice Presidency. It didn’t help that Ahnold didn’t give a straight answer to the question (I mean, you’re answering a straightforward, yes-or-no question about supporting the ticket of your own party, not whether you agree to take a paternity test, dude.), but the fact is, one of the strongest quotes in support of Palin’s candidacy came from none other than the Governator. Read for yourself:

[CAMPBELL] BROWN: What do you think of her [Governor Palin] as a [VP] choice?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I think it was a great choice.


SCHWARZENEGGER: Every choice has its assets and every choice has its shortcomings. And what you do when you’re on the other side of the camp is you point out the other side’s shortcomings. So we always point out she’s not experienced and she’s bought too much clothes and all those issues. She’s an executive as a governor running for the state and has an approval rating of 80%. It shows she’s done an extraordinary job in that. And one would assume from seeing this history and her passion about public service and reaching out and helping people that she would do the same job as the vice president when she’s in office. (Emphasis added)

Wow, that sure sounds a lot like the argument we Palinistas make when people ask how Governor Palin could possibly be qualified for the Presidency, yes? Whether liberals want to admit it or not, Governor Palin… will be back. Take it away, Nicole!

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