They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #24 Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson

So, Nicole thinks she can impress all of you with a back-handed compliment by a Left-wing Columbia professor, eh? Well, Madam, I shall see your commie college professor and raise you one Socialist*, Scandinavian President!

That’s right: President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, of Iceland, which is apparently a country, had some shockingly laudatory things to say about Governor Palin. Grímsson was the first and only foreign leader the Guv met until she ran for VP with Sen. John McCain, in 2008.

From the G-Man:

“At the time [we met], she was a new governor and not talked about on the national level. We talked constructively about the geothermal potential of Alaska and about many of the same issues that I discussed with Gov. [Wally] Hickel. … I sensed in her a fundamental political capability, a political nature that you either have or you don’t. It’s like a musical quality. Whether people are for or against [her] that she has taken herself from an elected official in Alaska to become one of the most influential forces in politics in a matter of years demonstrates her ability.”

Of course, being a Socialist — the longest serving Left-wing President in Iceland’s history — Grímsson politely declined to discuss Palin’s policy beliefs: “Let’s not talk about that,” he says with a grin, before he not-so-subtly shuffles the conversation in the direction of green energy, climate change and his preferred talking points.

Apparently, in Iceland, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” is a virtue, one some of the Guv’s more strident critics would do well to learn.

Speaking of Icelandic Presidents, Grímsson’s predecessor, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, whose name I also shamelessly copy-pasted from Wikipedia, might be of interest to you Palinistas. You see, not only was she Iceland’s first and only female President, she was the first female democratically elected head of state. Ever. Iceland’s current Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament are both women.

I’m ending this post with a video of President Grímsson boasting about his native land. The pride he takes in it reminds me of the affection Governor Palin shows whenever she discusses her beloved Alaska. He also reminds me of the Guv because they both have funny accents. Anyhoo, enjoy!

*Technically, he was elected as an independent, but his political views have not changed. So, think of him as the Icelandic Bernie Sanders, only endearing instead of creepy.

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