Youth For Palin Not Defeated By Latest Outbreak of Palin Hate

Yesterday we posted a Youth For Palin video that has been gaining popularity on You-Tube. Unfortunately, the video has also attracted an incident of extreme Palin Derangement from several individuals who apparently resent that so many young people are fleeing the Obama youth plantation . Y4P founder and mentor Elizabeth Hawkes shares the story behind the video and the hate outbreak it inspired.

On July 15, 2011, The Undefeated, written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Bannon and Victory Film Group, was released for the country to see.

Upon originally hearing about The Undefeated, Youth for Palin wanted to be involved in promoting the film because of the message that the film would share with the public. So Youth for Palin contacted Victory Film Group, offering to bring awareness to The Undefeated. Along with getting the word out about the documentary over Facebook, Twitter, and several Pro-Palin blogs, Youth For Palin was also asked by Victory Film Group to create a You-Tube video that would emphasize the importance of seeing The Undefeated while also showing Youth for Palin’s support for Sarah Palin.

Once Youth for Palin did their part in the filming process, Victory Film Group was gracious enough to edit the video before it was posted for everyone to view. It was posted on July 14, 2011.

Within 24 hours this video attracted at least 10 comments that advocated the beheading, killing and/or violent gang rape of Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughters.

Here is a small sample … Some of the even worse comments were accidentally deleted before we could capture them.


“I hope Sarah Palin’s skirt gets ripped off during her next speech”
“Sarah Palin deserves to get raped by Bloods and Crips because she is a racist bitch”
“I would like to see Willow Palin get raped by Bloods and Crips at her birthday party”
“Sarah Palin and her daughters should be gang raped by Bloods and Crips because they are racist”

After discussions with Victory Film’s Andy Badolato, I became very concerned as to the safety of the youth members of my organization who were named and appeared in the video because:

* I was informed by Andy Badolato that, of the 150 plus blogs, articles, and videos that they have posted on their websites that allow comments, there is not one incident or circumstance of any similar threats made or stated. This leads me to believe that the parties responsible specifically SINGLED OUR GROUP OUT AND OR MY MEMBERS OR MYSELF WHO WERE HIGHLIGHTED IN THE VIDEO.

Whoever wrote these comments should be captured and prosecuted. This is a crime of threat against a public official and minors and well as obscenity HATE crime directed at our group. In addition, there may be indirect crimes against minors who appeared in the video due to the content involving rape and murder directed only at our video and not at any of the other content posted on the YouTube channel or Victory Film website.

It’s hard to believe that people would have such anger towards a group that consists of people who will be a part of our nation’s future.  People are supposed to be educating and motivating our youth, not creating fear with in them and discouraging their efforts and beliefs and that is why it is important to bring awareness to this situation.  Youth for Palin and Victory Film Group are concerned about the threats that were made and have already stepped up to do something about them.

We took screen shots of the comments made on You-Tube and filed a police report.


I was informed by the local police department, their sergeant and the county sheriffs’ department that a case number could not be issued because of jurisdictional reasons and, since the comments were made on a public forum, were protected by free speech. The agencies implied that the content of our Youth For Palin video and our comments therein were as valid as comments made by the detractor.

Remind me again why the liberals pass hate crime legislation and rail against bullying but it never seems to apply when the hatred and bullying is aimed at conservatives?

And doesn’t this make it rather imperative that we push back against idiots like Bill Maher, Sandra Bernhardt and Chris Titus so that their “free shots” at conservative women aren’t free of consequence and so they are not allowed to contaminate and influence what passes for “valid” political discourse in this country?

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