Youth Perspective: Famous Women’s Suffrage Statue Needs President Palin

Guest submission by Madeleine McAulay

Within the walls of the United States Capitol Building there is a statue, “The Portrait Monument,” which honors the women’s suffrage movement. But what makes this statue really unique is the fact that it is not yet completed.

Currently, the statue displays the carvings of the key women in the suffrage movement: Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth C. Stanton, and Lucretia Mott. Everyone is aware of the long and hard battle these women lead and fought, and they are surely women to be honored. What they accomplished has impacted America forever.

Adelaide Johnson sculpted “The Portrait Monument” out of eight tons of marble. Johnson kept in mind that even though America had come a long way from the women’s suffrage movement, many issues still remain regarding women’s rights. Because of those issues, she left a piece of the rock uncarved for a future women’s rights leader. My assumption is that when America elects its first “Madam President” this statue will be completed.

My personal hope is that this statue will be finished with a beautiful face from Alaska. I have faith that Governor Sarah Palin will be inaugurated and carved into this beautiful masterpiece as the first female President of the United States of America. Governor Palin has already made history due to her strong, maverick soul, so why stop now?

Many people ask me, “Why would you want Governor Palin to run for President?” They ask as if it is unbelievable that I could want such a thing. But then I give them an earful regarding my explanation! I inform them that I am tired of the Washington Elite playing “politics as usual”. I want a leader who is known for and has a record of listening to her constituents, tearing down corruption, and leading by example. Governor Palin has proven herself with everything she has done, in her personal life and her political career. She does not just talk about the “change” she will provide; she does it! It reminds me of the quote, “A little less talk, and a lot more action!”

Coming from the youth perspective, it is a must for my chosen political candidate to believe in America’s future, and I am confident that everything Governor Palin does is for the sake of her children’s futures. Governor Palin understands we must restore this country to her former greatness to create a better and brighter future for America. She understands the logical and the right things to do for the American people, because she is not a politician; she is a citizen. And that is what we need in the White House. We need a wife, a mom, and a maverick! Palin 2012.

Madeleine McAulay is a 15 year-old political maverick from North Carolina. You can read her personal blog, Faith, Hope, and Politics and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check out Youth for Palin: Mama Grizzly’s Cubs, which is also on Facebook and Twitter, as well.

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