Why I Can’t Vote For Rick Perry

Guest Submission by Green-Eyed Conservative

Last Saturday, Governor James Richard Perry of Texas, after weeks of teasing, threw his ten-gallon hat into the presidential ring. The blogosphere is still all a’twitter because his announcement coincided with the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa. He officially announced his candidacy in South Carolina which I found odd. Of course South Carolina is a key Primary state, but still, I prefer when candidates for national office (read: The Presidency) announce in their home states, but that’s just me.

There are myriad reasons why I will not and cannot vote for Rick Perry either in the Primary election or the general. One important reason for me is that Rick Perry, by evidence of this picture, is a terrible kisser.

I get that it’s in public and I’m not looking for a big sexy, slobbery, tongue-dominated soul kiss from my politicians, but I mean, is this his wife? Sister? Mother? Ewwww … I don’t know, in my experience, bad kissers were just lacking in … something. One needs to run from bad kissers. Fast.

So … all right, in addition to his awful kissing technique ~ which, in the scheme of things given our horrible economic situation in this country, is a minor offense ~ I have several serious concerns about the Governor.

Let’s start with my pet personal peeve, and that is politicians who seek a particular office and when asked if they have higher ambitions that will preclude them from finishing the term for which they’re running, they emphatically say “NO!” as Perry did when he ran last term against Kay Bailey Hutchinson. If I were a citizen of Texas and that answer was important for me to make my voting decision, today I’d be pissed off.

My second pet peeve is politicians who decide to run for a higher office on the dime of the people. Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry both are examples of elected officials who are being paid to do one job, but they’re running around the country trying to get another job. If they were my employees at a private business, and I found out that while they were supposed to be doing the job I was paying them to do, they were instead flying about the country interviewing for another job, they’d get their walking papers tout de suite.

In that I’ve gone and mentioned Michele Bachmann in this post about Rick Perry, let me go further with these two ingrates. That’s right, I called them ingrates. Both Perry and Bachmann most likely have the positions they hold today because of one person who came to their aid when they were both running against fervent opposition. Bachmann was in Nancy Pelosi’s crosshairs for elimination in the 2010 election, and who came and personally campaigned for her? Sarah Palin. That’s right, Sarah Palin is who I believe was responsible for Michelle Bachmann’s success for retaining a seat that Bachmann has done little to deserve since. How has Bachmann repaid Sarah Palin? Well, that’s another story for another day and another post.

Rick Perry was up against Kay Bailey Hutchinson who was back by the Bush family. He called on Sarah Palin to help him and she did, though her presence and the subsequent huge crowds practically overshadowed Perry, but he got elected nonetheless. He also claimed more than once that he was not interested in D.C. or running for President. Funny how egos can alter one’s convictions, isn’t it?

Lest the catterwalling about Sarah Palin’s early resignation drown out the message here, I will address it. Governor Palin ran on a platform that by the time she resigned, she had accomplished every issue promised in her campaign. Further, she was tapped for the Vice President role by McCain, which is something few politicians or ordinary people for that matter pass on as it is a huge honor and source of pride for a state. Once finished with the short campaign she went back to Alaska and tried to get back to work. However, she was met with non-stop ethics lawsuits filed by Obama supporters and Alaska state operatives, who used a law she helped usher in to combat corruption, to stick her with hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. She and her staff were buried by endless requests for documentation that kept them from doing the state’s business. Had she remained in office to the end of her term, she and her family would be in personal debt of upwards of two million dollars, the state would have spent thousands or more and the people of her state would have suffered. She could not set up a fund to help with legal costs incurred, she could not do anything to raise money personally or she would get hit with more lawsuits, so she did the only thing and the right thing. She resigned with dignity.

Since her resignation Sarah Palin has been a busy bee helping others win office across the country, changing the narrative too many times to count in huge policy debates and helping her state increase its presence in the lower 48; and as a result, Alaska’s tourism has grown. Her circumstance is completely different than Perry’s or Bachmann’s. Further, if she had stayed in office and decided to run for president while still drawing an Alaska paycheck, I’d be peeved at her as well.

Okay, so those particular pet peeves out of the way, I have several other important issues with Perry, including:

?His executive order requiring that girls going into sixth grade be given the Gardasil vaccine just in case they became sexually active before adulthood to protect against the HPV cancer causing virus. Whether the vaccine works or not, I have a huge problem with government deciding against parents’ health decisions. I’m generally against vaccines in general, but particularly anything mandatory when it comes to presumed behavior. Furthermore, there is the little issue of Perry’s connection to Merck. That right there is enough for me to never vote for him.

?Then, there is the issue regarding Perry’s involvement in the Trans-Texas Corridor super highway. This is a NAFTA Superhighway boondoggle on steroids that complicates our illegal immigrations problem, abuses eminent domain where too many people were set to lose their homes and farms. It’s a complex issue that smells to high heaven in potential for corruption and another I hold against him. George Bush was also a huge proponent of the Trans-Texas Corridor. I’ll hold that against Perry as well.

?How about Perry’s illegal immigration stance? Stinky poo-poo. Never again will I vote for anyone who is not firmly against illegal immigration. Perry is not against illegal immigration and I would submit he even promotes it. He is so proud of his state’s own version of the Dream Act he actually bragged to the Mexican President about it. Great, Rick, why don’t you just send out engraved invitations to all the Mexican citizens to come to Texas with their little kids so those kids can get a so-called free education on us taxpayers? Insanity.

?Now, I know this issue of mine is going to bug some people but I don’t care. I will apologize for being so blunt, but it’s my vote and my criteria for applying it. I have a huge problem with anyone, but politicians in particular, who feel the need to make a big show of praying in public. According to Matthew 6:5-6: 5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Whenever I see spectacles such as Perry’s recent prayer gathering I think of Matthew 6:5-6 and I can’t help but think of hypocrites. I also think of panderers and moral exhibitionists. It doesn’t make me think or feel they’re more moral than I, or that they’re closer to their God, but it does make me feel a certain level of disdain toward them and suspect their motives. [Please don’t get me wrong, here. I don’t have anything against anyone’s faith (unless of course we’re talking about Islam which is a whole different story), in particular, Christians. However, I feel that spiritual beliefs are personal, and that if someone of a particular religion feels they need to publicly demonstrate for attention, or to monitor other people’s lives based on their own religious beliefs, I have a problem with that. I’m not interested, though, in legislating their behavior such as praying in public places just because it makes me think of hypocrites or annoys me.] I saw Rick Perry’s “Pray-In” as purely political, and that seriously bugged me. Whether true or not, it came off as pathetic pandering to me.

?Rick Perry has also fostered leasing of previously public highways to foreign entities that then turn the highways into toll roads. He has tripled spending in Texas since he’s been governor (which he’s been for a long time). Texas is a state where the Governor has the least power of almost any other state (where curiously, Alaska has the strongest Governor position). This was an issue when the George Bush campaign was running around touting his executive experience, and people had trouble understanding the limited power he actually had as Governor. Given that fact, Perry has claimed that he is responsible for creating jobs in Texas. I think not. No sir, you are the Governor, you do not create jobs ~ the private sector creates jobs. The very fact that you apparently do not understand such a simple concept bothers me greatly. If you understand it, and you are trying to elevate your accomplishments on the backs of private industry, then that bothers me even more. Naturally I understand an environment that gets out of the way of entrepreneurs and limits regulation fosters job creation, but it is the entrepreneurs who are responsible, not you Governor.

?He is against same-sex marriage and believes the right to privacy is fictitious. As I’ve stated before, I’d prefer the federal government got out of the marriage business altogether and that folks who want to create a domestic contract be allowed to do so. If they want to marry in their church and their church supports that in its tenets, they should be allowed to do so. But until that happens, here’s how I feel about the marriage issue: It reminds me of Coloreds and Whites Only bathrooms in the South. The Whites didn’t want blacks to use their nice and clean bathrooms for several reasons: fear they would soil (spoil) them, or they (the Whites) would catch something, you know, like “black,” or negro, or colored as they used to say; and of course, it was a way to keep the “coloreds” controlled, and, 2nd class citizens. That’s how I see the marriage issue today. Straights want to keep “marriage” for straights only for fear the gays will soil “marriage” or somehow their families will be destroyed because 2% or less of the 10% of the gay population might get married; and of course, there’s that 2nd class citizen punishment for people who are clearly going to go to Hell just for being who they are. While I do see it as a civil rights issue, I’m not necessarily for group rights per se. Equality? Yes, there’s another issue. And yes, of course I’m aware of Sarah Palin’s stance on same-sex marriage and I’m willing to live with that because I am 100% with Sarah Palin on over 80% of her platform, if you will. I also know that while Sarah Palin is against same-sex marriage, I’m pretty confident she isn’t against gays or lesbians in general. I can’t say the same for Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney to name three current declared candidates.

I know that Sarah Palin stated in Iowa that she will support ABO ~ Anyone But Obama ~ in the General Election, and that’s her prerogative; but I will not and cannot support anyone whose record, or lack thereof, gives me pause as does Rick Perry’s. I am a Tea Party Patriot, and I’m hard pressed to see Rick Perry as one also. It certainly doesn’t help that Perry was the Texas state campaign manager for Al Gore, but as much as I’d like to, I can’t hold that against him as I used to be a mentally ill Lefty, too. But were I to run for public office, I would expect my potential constituents to look at my previous record and judge me by that, and not by my perfect hair or my current populist rhetoric.

In November 2012, I will vote for whomever I feel I can get behind at least 80%. If there’s no one, I will not be a party to group-think ~ I will simply write in Sarah Palin. I’m a currently registered Republican only so that if I get the opportunity I can vote for Sarah Palin in the Primary Election. After that, I’m Independent and that means everything that it means (except I will NEVER vote for a Democrat again. And that means NEVER). What it means for certain is that if Perry is the nominee, he will not get my vote ~ even if he brushes up on that kissing thing.

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