Bad News For Obama: Sarah Palin Looked ‘Undefeated’ in Iowa

A piece with the above title by AWR Hawkins appears today at Big Government.  In his piece, Hawkins discusses the laughably transparent attempt by White House spinmeisters to pump up the the Plastic Man’s candidacy:

Recently, David Axelrod announced that President Obama would start targeting would-be Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney via various types of media. The tenor of the announcement made it sound like they were doing the smart thing: going after the presumptive candidate instead of wasting time going after other candidates who might not have a chance of securing the nomination.

This all seemed innocent enough at first, but after I heard Axelrod’s announcement for the 8th time over the course of a couple days it became evident that he and Obama weren’t picking the presumptive Republican candidate as much as they were picking the candidate they hoped they would get a chance to run against. (Seriously folks, if you’re Obama, what could be better than to run against a candidate who instituted his own form of Obamacare in Massachusetts, who still supports subsidies for ethanol, and who refuses to sign pro-life pledges when presented with them?)

But things don’t always go as planned. And on August 12th, students of American politics learned this lesson anew when Sarah Palin rolled into the Iowa State Fair unannounced.

People who long ago realized Romney is just John McCain in taller boots flocked to Palin. They crowded around her at the fair and asked the very question the MSM has labeled passé – “Are you running for president?”

The New York Times covered her appearance with this headline: “Palin Spotted – and Swarmed – at Iowa State Fair.”

Reuters said, “Palin Stokes 2012 speculation with Iowa appearance.”

And reported that Palin’s appearance gave voters a glimpse at “what her campaign would look like.”

Question for Axelrod: Romney who?

Hawkins’ analysis is spot on.  The Democrat Party would love for the Republicans to be dumb enough to nominate a candidate who inspires nobody and whose positions on a plethora of issues are indistinguishable from their own.  How can such a candidate make a plausible case for change?  Further, Team Obama will have fun with Mitt’s John Kerryesque  tendency to, er, modify his positions on issues, sometimes in as little as three days.  The DNC already has much invested in Mitt’s nomination, as their ad below illustrates.

Read the rest of Hawkins’ piece here.

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