Blazing a Trail to Restoration: Texas Group to Travel to Iowa

On the 1st of September, if you see the Texas4Palin logo going past on the back of a van, you may wish to follow it. It will be on it’s way from Southeast Texas to a special event in Iowa. Of the all of good reasons to set out for Waukee, Iowa, few could be better than to see Governor Sarah Palin deliver the keynote address at the “Restoring America Rally” hosted by the Tea Party of America, set for September 3rd. It’s likely to be a very large event, but so far from home, you might not think Texans would bother to make the long trip. Of course, if you’re not a Texan you might not know our gritty determination. One group from the Southeast Region of TexasO4Palin is determined to get there on time, and is putting together a caravan.

I talked with the region’s coordinator, Donna Galloway, and she told me they intend to have a great time. They’re calling it the Restoration Roadtrip, and they mean business, but like almost every Texan, they know how to make anything fun.

If you’re interested in getting in on their little roadtrip, contact them here:

It seems as though more and more Texans are getting involved in supporting Sarah Palin every day. If you’re from the Southeast Region of Texas, and you’re as frustrated as most at what’s been happening in our country, this is your chance to get in there and make a difference in the direction of our nation. The title of the event says it all. Come out and help your fellow Texans makes this event a rousing success. For more details, please see this site. I’ve been told that other groups in support of Sarah Palin are planning similar things, so check back for updates. I’ll post new information as it becomes available.

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