Bristol Press: Is it Plainville or Palinville, Conn.? (Updated: C4P Ground Report from the Plainville Showing)

The Bristol Press reports:

PLAINVILLE — Viewers came from as far away as New Hampshire on Sunday to take a peek at the Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated.”

The AMC Loews theatre on New Britain Avenue is one of the few cinemas screening director Stephen K. Bannon’s film – being shown only on limited release – which will run in Plainville through Tuesday…

Michael Anifant and his wife Cathy made the drive from New Hampshire to see the film.

“It’s worth it,” he said.

Describing themselves as former Democrats until they perceived a change in the party during the 1980s, the couple are reminded by Palin of Ronald Reagan, whom they called a “true conservative.”

“I think she’s got a lot of courage,” Anifant said, having stood up to the media. “Obviously, she’s not a shrinking violet,” he said.

At least as many of the theater patrons late Sunday morning were there to see “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “The Change Up,” or, judging by the number of baby tees and held hands through the parking lot, “The Smurfs.” Of those, there were many “What’s that?” when asked if they were going to see “The Undefeated.”

According to “Undefeated” viewer Andrew Frazer, the morning screening had as many as 50 people in attendance. “There was a decent amount for this kind of showing,” he said.

Frazer came from Simsbury with his wife Nancy, saying that they admired Palin, also likening her to Reagan for her ability to keep taxes down in Alaska and turn the state around.

Updated by Nicole: C4P reader Glen Clancy provided this report from the ground …

I attended “The Undefeated” in Plainville, CT on Sunday at the 1:05 screening. There were between 30 and 40 people there.

I had read so many detailed reviews the past couple of months that nothing in the film surprised me, so I won’t review the film again. However it was totally worth seeing just to get the look and feel of the presentation. Very professional.

I do agree with Andrew Breitbart about Act II being too long, but I understand why Stephen Bannon did it that way. Its simply a matter of a film about politics (Act III) or personal biography (Act I) being far more emotionally interesting than a film about governing (Act II). But Bannon’s whole point of the film was primarily to show what an effective Governor (and governer) Palin was. He had to get deep into the policy details of many issues, AGIA, ACES, the Matmaid dairy, etc. to demonstrate the wisdom, strength, judgement, energy, tenaciousness, and negotiating skills that Palin brought to the job. Wonkishness is part of the job, and he had to show that. And in doing so its impossible not to be, well, wonkish.

I walked into the theatre thinking that Palin has to be, and will be, our next President. I walked out thinking it’s more inevitable than I had thought. Palin is politics’ equivalent of baseball’s five-tool player. She excels at all political skills (and there are much more than five of them): oratory, writing, interviewing, one-on-one with the citizens, rope line, strong moral compass, credibility, charisma, charm, humor, feistiness, courage, sincerity, intellect, excitement, social networking, sound-biting … nobody on the political scene can compete with her in any one of these things. She can do it all effortlessly. She’s the political Roy Hobbs – the Natural.

I got to the theatre early for the screening I wanted to attend, so I bought my ticket and then left the theatre to go find breakfast. As I exited I was approached by a guy who introduced himself as Bryon Koenig, a reporter for the New Britain Herald. He asked me what movie I had seen and I told him I came to see “The Undefeated” but hadn’t seen it yet. He asked a bunch of questions about why I wanted to see the movie and why I wanted to see Palin elected President. He then gave me his card and asked if I would call him after I had seen the movie, to which I agreed. I got home that evening and called his number and the office was closed. So I emailed him and he emailed back saying he had already submitted the story and gave me the URL. I hadn’t looked closely at his card but seeing the URL I looked again and realized his employer published two local newspapers for two towns adjacent to Plainville, the New Britain Herald, and, totally appropriately, The Bristol Press. Sarah once said that growing up she knew she would name her first daughter Bristol because their fishing business is on Bristol Bay, AK, and she grew up wanting to be a sports reporter for ESPN, in Bristol, CT.

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