Dan Riehl: Palin’s Appearance at Iowa State Fair Changed My Mind – She Needs to Run

Dan Riehl with a nice post yesterday … He now believes she needs to be in the race, and would be a viable candidate if she runs:

While always open to the idea of one day supporting Sarah Palin for President, since 2008, I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I thought it was smart for her to run next year. Re-visiting my thoughts yesterday, what with Palin’s appearance in Iowa, not only am I convinced she should run, she needs to run and, regardless of one’s preferred candidate, all Conservatives should encourage her to run and welcome her into the race, assuming she does.


[W]hat happened in Iowa [Friday] was electric, not just for any Palin faithful, but for many Conservatives and especially the media. For better, or worse, Sarah Palin has star power – whatever that is. But she does have it; that’s for sure.

Palin has two critical qualities, unique in that they combine in her. Beholden to no one, without fear, or restraint, Palin articulates today’s conservatism in a prudent, positive and cogent manner. More than that, the media, while much of it both loves and hates her, conveys her message to an audience far more broadly than they do for any other contemporary politician. …

We are at a pivotal time in our American history. The future of this great nation is at stake as two competing ideologies prepare to go head-to-head in electoral competition come November 2012. It is absolutely critical for a genuine conservative voice to be heard and heard as widely across America as is possible.

Read the whole thing here.

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