Great: Now Even Committed Democrats Concede Obama ‘Had No Accomplishments Prior to Being Elected’ – Thanks for Nothing, Dems!

I’m a little miffed … Finally, it appears that even hard-core Democrats are coming around to the fact that Obama was a horrifically bad choice for president. Why does this anger me? Because their little epiphany comes three years too late! Meanwhile, all of us are suffering the consequences of their 2008 mind cramp. We need a do-over, indeed!

The Daily Beast reports:

In his New York Times Sunday Review essay “What Happened to Obama?” Emory University psychology professor Drew Westen summed up the president’s lack of experience with devastating succinctness.

Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography: that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president, having never run a business or a state; that he had a singularly unremarkable career as a law professor, publishing nothing in 12 years at the University of Chicago other than an autobiography; and that, before joining the United States Senate, he occasionally, as a state senator in Illinois, voted ‘present’ on difficult issues,” wrote Westen, author of The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.


“There’s no question in my mind that Obama is a one-term president,” says one passionate Democrat. “Even if he were a great president, this economy is a calamity. And in the end, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’”

You know what I say to that?

Deal with it, Donkeys. Bewitched by eloquence? Ignoring aspects of his biography? You deserve to be grounded for the foreseeable future.

Conservatives and PUMAs saw through Obama immediately. We screamed at the top of our lungs not to elect this man out of a misplaced sense of national guilt. Whatever gave you even one moment of confidence that Obama knew how to grow or manage a 16-trillion-dollar economy? Obama PLAYED all of you.

Back in the fall of 2008, I had a telling conversation with my cousin. She said Obama immediately reminded her of her ex-husband: always promising the world, but having no intention of delivering on any of his spectacular lies. She calls Obama the ultimate “Sweet Talking Con Man.”

Meanwhile, as they swooned over Obama’s promise to lower the oceans, the libs ignored the biography of a woman who accomplished quite a bit before running for VICE PRESIDENT. Sarah Palin had run a business, a city, a state, chaired a significant regulatory body, and negotiated several major BI-PARTISAN REFORMS in less than two years.

And it’s rather ironic that the far Left and the far Right both agree Obama is no leader.

Maybe that’s a campaign promise Obama has unintentionally fulfilled … Blue states and red states ARE uniting …

… IN OPPOSITION to his failed policies.

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