Jedediah Bila: What Pundits Should be Talking About When it Comes to Palin

An excellent piece in today’s Daily Caller by Jedediah Bila.  In her piece, Bila takes beltway retreads Karl Rove, Dick Morris, et. al. to task for their childish games and silly priorities…

While some pundits are busy calling Sarah Palin thin-skinned, claiming that there is “no space for her” in the 2012 race  and incessantly speculating about her potential announcement date, some of us  are sitting by laughing, sufficiently amused by typical establishment tactics  that have grown tired, old and frankly a little boring.

…before admonishing them to turn over a new leaf and do something productive for a change…such as looking at her actual record.

So while the business-as-usual boys and girls play their games, I thought we  could do something productive and revisit ten aspects of Sarah Palin’s  gubernatorial record worth highlighting. Whether she makes a run for the  presidency or not — and I personally believe that she will — let’s take a look  at some things the media and the D.C./Manhattan elite haven’t quite gotten  around to mentioning.

1. As governor in 2007, Palin was responsible for the largest veto totals in  state history, while investing $1 billion in forward-funding education and  fulfilling public safety and infrastructure necessities.

2. Palin invested $5 billion in state savings during a time of  economic surplus.

3. Palin reduced spending by 9.5% from 2007 to 2010 and slashed  earmark requests by over 80% during her time as governor.

4. Under Palin, Alaska’s total liabilities were reduced by 34.6% overall.

Bila lists six more aspects of Governor Palin’s stellar record which the usual Washington suspects ignore in lieu of really important topics such as how many of their fellow beltway operatives she has on her payroll or when and how she announces.  Bila closes her piece with the following advice for these fools:

At a time when the Obama administration is directly inhibiting  a successful path toward energy independence, I think there’s plenty of room for  a presidential candidate who knows a thing or two about how to tap into our  God-given resources in order to spur job growth and protect our national  security.

So pundits, take on her record if you’d like to. Ask tough questions. Hold  her accountable for what she has said and done. But how about letting her  announce when she’s ready?

And as far as the “thin-skinned,” “no space for her” nonsense — give us a  break.

Read Bila’s entire piece here.

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