Jim Geraghty: Why Are the Predictably Bad Results of Obamanomics Always ‘Unexpected’ in the Eyes of the MSM?

It is the most common adverb of the Obama years: “unexpectedly.”

? “Sales of U.S. previously owned homes unexpectedly dropped in July,” reported Bloomberg.

? “Manufacturing in the Philadelphia region unexpectedly contracted in August by the most in more than two years as orders plunged and factories shed workers,”reported Bloomberg Businessweek.

? “Consumer spending unexpectedly fell in June,” reported Reuters.

? “Dismal economic data on Thursday pointed to an unexpectedly abrupt slowdown in manufacturing and a pickup in inflation,” reported the New York Times’ business page.

This is just in the past week; hundreds of articles each month note that some new bit of economic data is contrary to the expectations of experts. But the term is starting to become an object of ridicule within the conservative blogosphere as the country endures its third year of hard economic times under President Obama.


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