Lefties Blame Hurricane Irene on…Global Warming

Well, at least they haven’t blamed Hurricane Irene on George Bush and the super-secret weather machine he and Cheney used to create Hurricane Katrina and steer it into New Orleans.  At least not yet, that is.  But they had to blame Irene on conservatives somehow, and this is as good a scapegoat as any, I guess:

Hurricane Irene hadn’t even made landfall in the United States before some  people figured out what to blame it on.

“Irene’s got a middle name, and it’s Global Warming,” environmental activist  Bill McKibben wrote Thursday night in The Daily Beast. He argued that this  year’s hot Atlantic Ocean temperatures and active spree of hurricanes — coupled  with droughts, floods and melting sea ice elsewhere on the globe — are “what  climate change looks like in its early stages.”

Besides, “what’s a ‘tropical’ storm doing heading for the snow belt?” asked  McKibben. He also said the storm represented bad timing for the Obama  administration’s favorable environmental impact statement on TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline,  which environmentalists label a danger to the Earth’s climate.

It must be easy being a liberal. Just blame every environmental and meteorological event (or non-event) on global warming. If there’s a flood, it’s global warming. Drought? Global warming.  Record cold? Global warming. A blizzard? You guessed it, global warming.  A double-bogey on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course? Obviously global warming. I kind of hope I’ll be around when the next ice age occurs because surely that will be the result of global warming too. Obviously there were no hurricanes prior to the day mankind began exploiting those evil fossil fuels, right?


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