LOST IN THE ARCHIVES: They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #2 Tammy Bruce

[NB: Due to an unhealthy mix of excess drinking and spousal abuse a scheduling error, the final installment of our series was posted before the second-to-last. Needless to say, the offending editor was drawn, quartered and exiled to Siberia respectfully corrected. We regret the error.]

It is safe to say that pretty much anyone who reads C4P even occasionally knows that Tammy Bruce is one of, if not the, biggest supporters of the Guv around. There is simply no denying that.

However, to the average American, Bruce is the antithesis of a Sarah Palin supporter. To the average liberal American, she simply should not exist.

We have already profiled prominent feminist supporters of Governor Palin, including an LA NOW President. We have noted the support of a pro-choice, bisexual Democrat. We have yet to profile someone who meets all of these qualifications.

Tammy Bruce was the President of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW from 1990 to 1996. She fought against the pro-life movement, particularly Operation Rescue. Bruce also supported a radical gay group, AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP). Bruce still self-identifies as pro-choice and pro-gay rights but abhors the Left’s extremism on both fronts and respects those who disagree with her. One does not need to resort to the petty and violent tactics of the far-Left to argue from one side of an issue. Bruce rightly finds such behaviour reprehensible.

Bruce was a registered Democrat until February 2008, when she changed her affiliation to “decline-to-state”. She supported President Reagan and both Bushes and reluctantly voted for John McCain. She also voted for President Clinton and worked on the 1992 Senate campaigns of both Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein.

Don’t let this timeline fool you: Bruce is very much an independent swing voter, as evidenced by her commentary on then-candidate John McCain. She said that she would be willing to vote for Hillary Clinton over McCain. In February 2008. The same month she officially ended her registration with the Democratic Party.

So, what, or rather, who made this former Left-wing activist become one of the most prominent, unabashed Tea Party conservatives in America?

She did.

As an authentic feminist and independent conservative I am thrilled with McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin for Vice-President.

I have to confess, I didn’t give him enough credit. I have come to support McCain grudgingly, only after Giuliani and then Romney. And when the VP stakes began both on my Web site and radio show Palin had been a consistent favorite of readers and listeners. As disappointment and even hostility with Washington has grown, McCain has done something so many of us were hoping for–he made a daring, maverick and ultimately the right choice for his running mate.

A choice reflective of real change, but change based in principle and true progress.

What’s the difference now between Obama and McCain? Last night, Obama spoke about rejecting the politics of the past, after he spoke for a good 20 minutes embracing the old, tired and failed liberal politics of the past 50 years.

With choosing Palin, McCain has now set the standard of genuine change, a willingness to buck the status quo, not just rhetorically, but actually.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised–it was a Republicans who put African-Americans into actual positions of power, rejecting the Clintonian notion that blacks should accept the absurdity of a white man being the ‘first black president.’ And now, it is again a conservative who elevates a woman to power.

There were many other predictable, perhaps safer, choices McCain could have made which would have satiated the conservative based. Yet, he chose someone who has the qualifications and has a history of also walking the maverick walk, but does not necessarily have the traditional resume, and that’s exactly what we want in a day when trust in government has never been lower.

Sarah Palin is a perfect choice and moves me from grudging support to full, invigorated advocacy for his campaign.

Now it’s time for every authentic feminist out there to make the same commitment to the McCain-Palin ticket. (Emphases added)

Bruce continues to support Palin to this very day and even has a weekly feature called the “Palin Report”. Most recently, she appeared prominently in The Undefeated, to testify on behalf of Governor Palin’s leadership in the Tea Party revolution. It was in this film that Bruce famously declared, “Like a Marine, [Palin] runs toward the danger.”

Bruce has long set her sights on the Leftist feminist establishment, having once been a part of it, but her ferocity was only intensified by their attacks on Governor Palin. Case in point: When EMILY’s List, a group dedicated to electing pro-abortion women Democrats, had a freak-out over Palin’s Mama Grizzly movement, Bruce retorted:

We’re Emily’s List and if liberal women aren’t inspiring women anymore, then why should Sarah Palin be allowed to do it!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s target and try to undermine as many independent Women! as possible to prove that you can stand up for Women! by making sure one particular Woman! you don’t like doesn’t keep inspiring and encouraging, uh, Women! Or something.

Oh yeah, and let’s now take a lot of time and money from supporting women candidates we like by spending it on trying to stop other women candidates from being successful. Because, uh, it’s really not at all about Women! It’s about being shills for the Left, which has been so successful in making sure we finally have equality. After all, Obama and the Dems have finally brought us Equal Pay for Equal Workno one has a job and we’re all making the same amount of nothing! So Go Women! Or actually, Go Some Women, but not all!! Yea!! After all, if we can’t inspire Women! anymore, why should we allow someone else to do it?


The Emily’s List project? It’s called “Sarah Palin Doesn’t Speak for Me.” Sounds a little…reactionary, no? What is the project? They’re “Launching an On-Line Arena Where Americans Can Speak Out Against Sarah Palin’s Backwards-Looking Candidates.” Great–they’re setting up a forum where Women! can trash other Women! Sounds Progressively Liberally Intolerant and Misogynistically Hopey-Changey-ish to me. After all, Palin’s work has been a forward-looking, positive support of candidates–women and men. In typical fashion, instead of countering that effort with a positive project of their own, the only thing liberals can do is create something to attack and demean others. Keep going Leftists–every time you react to Sarah Palin you reveal yourselves as the panicked cannibals you really are. (Emphasis added)

Again, the point of this series is the unlikelihood of our subjects’ support for Governor Palin. To us, Bruce’s support for Palin is a no-brainer. To liberals, it is head-exploding madness. This was best exemplified by the hysteria following Palin’s infamous retweet of Bruce this past January. As C4P pointed out, Palin was likely agreeing with Bruce’s skewering of those with poor political priorities, not outright endorsing repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Bruce elaborated on the issue on both on her radio show and in a post on her Web site:

Before I proceed, let me make it clear that I have not spoken to to Governor Palin about this. I do not speak for Governor Palin. I have met her and have spoken to her on a few occasions. I believe I have a very good sense of who she is and what she stands for. Based on my assessment of her, I am a firm supporter of the governor in all of her endeavors and will support whatever she chooses to pursue politically.

That said, let me remind everyone the context of that tweet–the issue that spurred my tweets was the production of homoerotic/homophobic/misogynistic videos by Capt. Honors of the USS Enterprise. I found that revelation, combined with the military’s public position regarding DADT and the ‘disruption’ supposedly posed by gay men and lesbians serving openly, rather hypocritical. That was the ultimate context of that tweet–military hypocrisy on the issue.

So, at the very least I do think it’s fair to say anyone, regardless of their position on DADT, would indeed find the situation on the Enterprise rankly hypocritical. My tweet was also a condemnation of DADT as an attempt to continue to marginalize gays and lesbians in the military and beyond. In a previous tweet I mention the absurd “boycott” of CPAC by certain anti-gay groups which call themselves “social conservatives” simply because conservatives who happen to be gay will be there. I do take the Governor’s RT to also be a condemnation of this social ostracizing.

When it comes to Sarah Palin’s position on DADT, I have never asked her about it and she has never spoken to me about it–but I assess her as a Conservative with Libertarian influence. Both her husband and son are Independents, with Mr. Palin serving as his wife’s primary adviser. I will remind people of things already in the public realm about the governor–she refused to veto partner benefits legislation as governor of Alaska and is a firm believer in fairness and “live and let live.” She is not a Culture Warrior, however. She is, which should be apparent by her Facebook postings and opinion pieces, a Policy Wonk. She is also, which is clearly evident, a charismatic leader who remains grounded by her character, faith and family.

Some have suggested this ‘completely changes the 2012 election.’ Not really–perhaps for some who believed the LSM and Gay Gestapo lie that Sarah Palin was somehow a bigot or homophobe, I hope this does cause some to take a second look at Palin, away from the left’s predictable “She’s a Hater!!” meme.

Knowing the governor somewhat and having made my assessment, I support her specifically because she is a decent person grounded in a patriotism and appreciation for the American tradition that allows all of us to pursue the American dream however we each see fit. “Live and let live” is also only possible when government is small and off our backs. It is only possible when conservative ideals prevail in this nation and through our government. No one should be surprised by the fact that a conservative Alaskan woman has a libertarian streak and believes all Americans have a right to live the lives that best suit them.

That’s who Sarah Palin has been, is now, and will be. And if people watch, and read, and listen without bias, it will be as obvious to you as it is to those of us who know and support the governor. (Emphases added)

Indeed, to echo Bruce, we at C4P will support whatever Governor Palin chooses to do. Obviously, we hope to see her run for President, as does Tammy Bruce, but the fact is, her decision is hers and hers alone. That does not mean we should refrain from encouraging her to run! If anything, we ought to advocate all the more loudly, because if the Guv sees how strong her support is from her fellow Americans, it will solidify her decision to do so and remove her doubts.

Most of us think Governor Palin is running. She has the fire in the belly to run. And back in 2007, when discussing the Fred Thompson campaign (which, full disclosure, both Bruce and I supported), Bruce said that a “fire in the belly” is needed to become President.

In other words, to those of us paying attention, Tammy Bruce ought to be the Guv’s biggest fan. Then again, if more people paid attention, Joe Biden would not be our Vice President right now.

* * *

(Special thanks to Nicole for working on this series with me. She really womaned up and kept this project fun and lively. I hope you all enjoyed it now that it is officially done.)

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