Mark Levin: There Will Be No Announcement on Sept. 3rd

Mark Levin spoke today on the hype surrounding the possibility that Governor Palin would make an announcement to run for president  in Iowa, on September 3rd. Comparing what has been written by Scott Conroy (a credible source) and what has been said by Karl Rove and Dick Morris (non credible sources) I have to say that I concur with Levin in this clip. Levin, who was in the movie The Undefeated, learned from the producer of the film that it is scheduled to be released on Pay-Per-View and On-Demand on September 3rd, and suggests that the governor would be taking ‘two bites at the apple’ to make such an announcement on the same day.

Levin also suggests that Rove and Morris may have been setting up Governor Palin, by talking up a September 3rd announcement even though they had no knowledge one way or the other. Have a listen.

Audio clip courtesy of RightScoop:

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