Newsbusters: Ron Reagan Claims Dick Cheney is a War Criminal or Something

According to Hardball guest host Ron Reagan, former Vice President Dick Cheney  is a “war criminal” for endorsing waterboarding. On Thursday, the son of the  former President attacked, “But the fact of the matter is…[Cheney’s] a  war criminal. Torture is a crime and this is a guy who can’t travel to Europe  anymore for fear of being- ending up in the Hague.”

Reagan was  commenting on a new interview Cheney has given to NBC in which he reiterates  support for waterboarding. The liberal anchor discussed the subject with  Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune. Reagan reiterated, “…Any neutral reading  of, say, the U.N. Convention Against Torture makes it pretty clear that if you  support waterboarding and you enact that sort of a policy, you’re guilty of a  war crime.”


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