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What’s going on this morning?

Here are two questions that I am asking this morning:

1) Are we the only political blog to have noted the fact that Michele Bachmann’s Gallup intensity rating among Republican and Republican-leaning independents has fallen by over 40% from its high in mid-June even though the measure that Gallup uses favors candidates who are less-known?  The silence that you hear from the MSM and the conservative and liberal blogosphere about the colapse in Bachmann’s numbers is defeaning when you consider that the MSM typicaly treats Gallup polls as if they descend from heaven and the high that Bachmann hit in mid-June cited by a plethora of outlets.  The only conclusion that I can draw from this silence is that the MSM and political blogosphere wants to continue writing stories about Bachmann’s “surge” that are based on out-of-date polling because they believe it’ll hurt a certain person.

2) Has any MSM reporter noted that Governor Palin’s September 3rd speech in Iowa comes on the three-year anniversary of her 2008 RNC convention speech?  Even if you don’t believe that she’ll announce her run for the presidency on that date, the fact that she is giving a big speech in an important caucus state on the three-year anniversary of her strongest moment as a national politician is something you would expect a reporter to note.  The fact that reporters are not noting the connection tells me that they don’t want anyone to draw the connection.

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