Palin Refuses to Engage in Cat Fight on ‘Submission’ Question – Reporters Make One Up Anyway

Once again we see the aptly-called Lamestream Media trying to push their own version of events, in direct defiance of the facts. In this instance, it’s an AP story from ABC News claiming that Sarah Palin “differed with Rep. Michele Bachmann’s answer to a question about women being submissive to their husbands.”

It’s no surprise why Palin’s would-be detractors might attempt to push this narrative: it’s an obvious ploy to drive a wedge between the two candidates in an attempt to undermine Palin’s support among those who might be currently leaning toward supporting Bachmann.

What these media types don’t seem to realize is that Palin is really above such ploys, not from a self-imposed platform of altruism—although some might argue that her principled stand on ethical behavior entails a refusal to fight dirty—but because she understands what a complete waste of time and energy it is to play such political games. She has self-disclipline and confidence in her message. She doesn’t need to resort to the tired customs of engaging in dirty politics—ad hominem attacks, whisper campaigns, false smears—because she knows she can win in the marketplace of ideas. If she wants to go after a candidate, make no mistake: she’ll go after that candidate in every relevant way, clearly enunciating her concerns with that candidate’s record, accomplishments, and policy positions. But she doesn’t need to slam anyone for personally-held opinions that have no bearing on politics, and she does not do so.

So let’s just clarify what really happened. Here’s the actual video clip and transcript (the relevant exchange occurs at the 2:14 mark):

Reporter: What did you think of the question asked last night of Michele Bachmann about submissiveness? What did you think of that?

Palin: You know, anything in a debate is fair game. I’ve been asked the goofiest questions, and the strangest questions too, over my career [inaudible] so nothing surprises me. I mean, you know, if she articulated according to what she felt in her heart, and that is to her, submission means respect, she explained it.

Reporter: Do you agree with that? Is that fair?

Palin: To ask the question?

Reporter: Yeah.

Palin: Well, as I say, I think any question, really, is fair in a debate; that’s just the nature of the beast of politics.

Reporter: Do you agree with the submission part, though?

Palin: With her answer?

Reporter: Yeah.

Palin: That’s her opinion. You know, it’s that to her, submission to her husband means respecting her husband. And you know, I respect my husband too.

Reporter: If Todd said don’t run, would you not run?

Palin: I can’t imagine my husband ever telling me what to do, politically.

Reporter: The submission part of…uh…what did you just say?

Palin: He never has told me what to do when it comes to a political step, and [turning to her husband] I appreciate that, Todd. I respect you for that, Todd! Thank you! [Exaggerated hand-shake with Todd.]

That’s the exchange. Those are the facts. Make of it what you will. Apparently AP took away the notion that Sarah Palin differed with Michele Bachmann, but I just don’t see that in the actual exchange. I saw repeated attempts by reporters to get Palin to comment on Michele Bachmann’s personal opinion, and Palin’s tactful re-direction of the question to relevant matters. Let’s stick to the facts, AP.

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