Palin Tells NBC News: Bachmann Win Will Not Affect Her Decision To Run – Updated: Redstate Loses Credibility

Alexandra Moe tweets:

Palin tells NBC News: Bachmann win will not affect her decision to run bc “don’t think was much of a surprise”

Congratulations Congresswomen. Enjoy it while it lasts.

UPDATE: On another note:

Earlier today the Perry cheer-leading website ran with a post titled “Palin is not going to run“. That post is based on a response Governor Palin gave to David Brody on when she will make her decision whether she will be running for president. This is what the Governor said:

“There is still a lot of contemplation that goes on within a family, deciding whether to engage in such a life-changing venture, putting yourself forward in the name of service, in such a position as President of the United States.  So, we’re still thinking about it, and the impact on family. Family comes first in my life, and I just don’t want to adversely affect the family. So, we’re still talking about it, thinking about it.  And that’s what I want supporters to understand. At the same time, I want to be very fair to supporters and not keep them hanging on in perpetuity. It’s fair to them to give them an answer here, in short order, so that they can jump on board with someone else.  And/or to decide for themselves what they want to do.  So, still haven’t made up my mind, haven’t decided when that announcement would be yet.”

How Redstate came to the conclusion that this means she’s not running beats me. What Governor Palin said is that she’s seriously thinking about it and will make a decision shortly because “IF”, and I emphasize “IF”, she decides not to run it wouldn’t be fair for her to hold on to her supporters.

What I take away from this response is that as far as the Governor is concerned she would wait longer to make an announcement, but she understands that a decision must come sooner so it doesn’t appear like she’s stringing people along.

Apparently Redstate missed the following Governor quotes by the Governor.

In response to who she would support if it comes down to Romney vs Perry:

I don’t see that happening

The only way it won’t come down to Romney vs Perry is if Palin is not in the race. Because if Palin isn’t in the race it WILL come down to Romney vs Perry. How does Redstate explain that?

And how about this quote?

When We’re Ready to Announce … You Won’t Be Able to Miss the Announcement’

Does that sound like someone not running?

Redstate obviously wishes that Governor Palin won’t run, but just because you hope something won’t happen doesn’t mean it won’t.

In any event the day Governor Palin announces, Redstate loses its credibility, whatever was left of it.

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