Recapping the Big Week: A Final Roundup of Iowa

This politically-loaded weekend signals a start of the action in the upcoming weeks and months which will reach a crescendo on election day.

At the debate Thursday night, Bachmann and Pawlenty argued over whose accomplishments are more noteworthy very much like two kindergarteners arguing whose Dad is stronger and whose Mom’s casserole is tastier.

Bachmann also found it necessary to remind everyone what “good friends” she and Palin are, hoping to get I don’t know what from her statement. Wouldn’t bet her as sooo foolish in thinking it’ll earn her either Palin voters or Palin’s support.

Rick Perry’s decision to put out a bid for the presidential office has placed him in the same category as most politicians who completely disregard previous promises when faced with the opportunity to advance their personal career, let alone attempt to reach the highest office of the country.

During Perry’s reelection campaign in 2010, which had been reversed from its downhill descent thanks to Governor Palin’s endorsement, Perry promised to complete his term both as a reassurance to the Texan citizens and as a thanks to Palin for her support.

Ignoring his promise to his constituents, Rick Perry chose to make his grand announcement this past Saturday — of all days — in a hamfisted attempt to overtake the news of the Ames poll in a Palin-like manner, like a coincidental attendance at a movie and a barbeque in New Hampshire has done to Romney’s announcement. Serving him right, his announcement ended being overshadowed by the worthless Ames Straw Poll, capable only of predicting who won’t be the nominee.

This tweet from hale_razor nails it on the spot, although he’s missing Ron Paul and some of the others. (Gotta remember he’s limited to 140 characters …)

“Michele Bachmann joins previous Iowa straw poll winners President Pat Robertson, President Bob Dole, President Romney and Geo HW Bush in 79.”

So here’s a congratulations to Michele Bachmann for joining the ranks of the previous Ames poll winners / election losers.

Bachmann, like Perry, owes her reelection to Sarah Palin’s endorsement since a nice chunk of the funds for her congressional campaign came because of Palin’s support. Bachmann, like Perry, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Palin during the campaign.

She continued to express her appreciation with her announcement of a presidential candidacy and the hiring of Ed Rollins, a sufferer of PDS, as her campaign manager. When the buzz around Rollins became too loud to ignore, Bachmann apologized without removing him from her campaign staff. Bachmann’s attempts to play both sides of the game with her camp painting Palin as not serious and not running while stressing Palin’s past endorsement, current “ahem” friendship and probable future endorsement has come across as desperate and dirty. Why is she so desperate for another endorsement (which she’s not getting) from a non-serious non-candidate?

Topping off the weekend, Pawlenty dropped out of the race Sunday morning and suddenly Bachmann, on one of the many Sunday shows she attended, went back to having full respect for him with plans to call him (for his endorsement).

On NBC Bachmann dodged questions about past statements regarding gay marriage, putting a truce on traditional marriage very much the way Mitch Daniels has done with the social issues. On Face the Nation her replies amounted to fifty-one “I”’s not including another handful of me’s and my’s. Her performances on the other shows and actually anywhere appear similar to one another in the endless stressing of herself. On Fox she defended her decision not to vote for the current debt deal, touting her own plan which had no chances of going through, while ignoring her being one of only nine Republicans to have voted against cut, cap, and balance.

I don’t know why, but after rereading the last few paragraphs it sounds so strikingly similar to someone known as the campaigner-in-chief.

In all the hubbub of Perry’s speech, Bachmann’s victory, and Pawlenty’s dropping out , the event winning both hands up as the one with the most reporters present was the Iowa State Fair where not-yet-announced but very-likely-to-announce-soon candidate Sarah Palin attended.

<One Nation bus tour, SarahPAC

As posted yesterday by Nicole, a short walk of 100 yards took over two hours because of the throngs of people wanting to meet her in person, so what does Palin have to lose with waiting until the end of the summer for her announcement? I mean, just imagine Palin having been at the debate last Thursday. While Bachmann and Pawlenty – two former now-tentatively-back-to-being best friends – were bickering endlessly in an attempt to outdo each other’s accomplishments, Palin’s been doing a heck of a job refudiating Obama’s polices. Palin’s focus has never been on her own advancements but about the people’s needs and is ready to support the most conservative candidate capable of doing the job (which just happens to point towards someone with the name of Sarah Palin.) While everyone’s busy talking the talk, Palin’s the only one with a stellar conservative record and a tremendous base of supporters ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Palin doesn’t need emails sent out a week in advance asking for donations in light of her upcoming announcement as Perry has done.

Although I think Ann Coulter is having a love-affair with Christie or something and can’t understand her childish calls for him to run, I had to agree with one sentence and a portion of one other sentence of her interview on Hannity last Friday. After saying that primary voters are desperate for a decent candidate, which is the first sentence I agree with, she then finished with Perry’s bid saying that “He won’t live up to expectations and the American people will throw themselves into the arms of Chris Christie.” If one substitutes Christie with Palin it would make it a complete thought, but the first half of the sentence is worthy and necessary to being repeated.

Perry is selling himself as THE conservative who has caused Texas to be the economic stronghold of the country, leading to high expectations amongst many not aware of his record. He omits the stuff he’d prefer the voters shouldn’t hear, choosing to forget that nothing remains under the wraps during a campaign. Once conservatives are informed of the endless portions of federal programs he fought to receive, the free education he handed to illegals sneaking over the border, the growth of spending and debt in Texas all these year up until this one, and how about a third of the added jobs he boasts of are not in the private sector but are government jobs, they will indeed seek an alternative. The alternative consisting of the only conservative fearless and experienced (future) candidate who is ready to tackle the issues heads-on.

Give it a couple of days or weeks and conservatives will wake up and smell the coffee. With the field thinning out and the list narrowing, as in 2008, all heads will once again turn towards Alaska. Sarah Palin won’t disappoint voters and not only because of her stellar record of serving solely for the people with complete disregard to personal promotion. The media have painted her with thick black strokes of negativity which will cause the regular folks which begin to tune into politics during the next couple of weeks/months, will stare mesmerized as the true image of Sarah Palin unfolds before their eyes.


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