Steven Nelson: Democrats Pretty Upset Over Potential Primary Challenge to Gabby Giffords

Anthony Prowell teaches at Liberty Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona.  Until recently, he’s dedicated most of his time to educating special needs  students. These days, he’s become a local villain for his candidacy to represent  Arizona’s 8th Congressional District.

Prowell tells The Daily Caller that he intends to run for the seat currently  held by Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords because “so many people that you talk  to now say that there’s nobody representing the average working person.”

Initially looking to run for office as a Democrat, Prowell has been subjected  to the ire of local party officials and everyday citizens aghast that he would  challenge Giffords, who has only cast one congressional vote since a near-fatal  shooting in January.

The few local Democratic Party officials he has spoken with on the phone are “livid” and have “flat out said, ‘we already have a congresswoman and I will not  support you in any means whatsoever’” before hanging up, Prowell said.

“They’re furious that I’m even considering running after what happened to  her,” he said. Most phone calls that Prowell makes do not get past the front  desk of party organizations.


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