Thank Goodness Perry and Bachmann Got Re-Elected Last Year, Right?

Can you imagine how boring the presidential race would be if conservative firebrands Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann hadn’t decided to join the fray, disregarding their promises to serve out recently won terms?

Complete snooze fest!

And can you imagine either of those two running for president if they hadn’t been re-elected to their current jobs, aided in part by Gov. Palin, who made personal appearances in their states drawing between 8,000 and 11,000 people and raising hundreds of thousands for their re-election coffers?

Me neither. But thank God it went down that way, right?

And just for kicks, shall we take a little trip back down memory lane — to last year — as Kay Bailey Hutchison threatened Perry in Texas and Nancy Pelosi made Bachmann enemy #1 in Minnesota? Shall we?

April 2010

More than ten thousand conservatives flocked to the Minneapolis convention center Wednesday afternoon for a rally on behalf of Rep. Michele Bachmann, who was joined by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, two heroes of the Tea Party movement. Though the rally was for Bachmann’s reelection campaign, the controversial Minnesota lawmaker was the warm up act for Palin …

July 2010

Rep. Michele Bachmann pulled in a whopping $1.7 million for her campaign in the second quarter of this year … Bachmann was the second-best fundraiser in the House during the first quarter. Her second quarter more than doubled it.

[T]oday, Bachmann penned a piece in Politico demonstrating that she knows exactly who’s responsible for the avalanche of cash into her coffers:

It is important to recognize Palin’s effect on our fundraising numbers. Our successful fundraising is due, in part, to the fact that she dedicated her time and efforts to come to Minnesota in April to help my reelection campaign. … As to my campaign’s fundraising, I know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has a very different plan for my life — something other than serving in the House. Pelosi is no small threat. This is why Palin graciously agreed to make me one of the first 2010 candidates for whom she campaigned.

Just to be clear, the Pelosi plan for Bachmann not serving in the House, is different than the Bachmann plan for not serving in the House. Two different plans for not serving in the House. I hope that clears up any confusion.

But let’s hear from the other Palin endorsee, Perry, shall we?

Feb. 2010

“I have a lot of faith in the Lord. I hope he’s gonna let me live for four years and if he does I’m gonna serve out my governorship,” Perry promised in a debate with Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Whoops! That was the wrong out-take! Forget you saw that! Because Perry certainly did.

Here’s another clip:

Feb. 2010

On Super Bowl Sunday, Rick Perry handed the ball to star runner Sarah Palin, who joined the governor’s team in bashing big-spending Washington.

She urged the crowd to stick with Perry as someone whose conservative policies are succeeding, but she also received a huge cheer from the crowd of about 8,000 when she said she’d heard some mention of Texas seceding.

The Berry Center outside of Houston was filled with an enthusiastic crowd – most supportive of Perry, but ecstatic for Palin.

Faye Roberson of Friendswood said she wouldn’t stand in line for 90 minutes in the cold weather on Super Bowl Sunday for just anyone. And that includes Perry, whom she hopes wins, but, “Most of us wouldn’t be here just for him.”

Perry did try to warm up the crowd by yelling and gesturing with high-amp energy. His speech was almost a complete berating of Washington-style government.


But it was Palin who brought the crowd to its feet. Her speech was filled with comparisons between her home state and Texas.

She said she’d asked her daughter Piper if she knew where they were. “Honey, we’re in Alaska’s little sister state,” she joked.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s great that history is repeating itself. No, not that Palin will endorse Bachmann and Perry, silly …

That Bachmann and Perry will make wonderful warm-up acts for Gov. Palin in the presidential race! It actually couldn’t be a better scenario than what is playing out. It’s also nice that we’ve got two strong conservative allies who will continue serving the conservative cause for the next two – and four years – respectively, one in her House seat and another in the Texas governorship.

And you know what I like most of all? That the conservative Tea Party wing of the GOP is gonna DOMINATE the primary election, dominate the debates, and ultimately dominate the federal government.

Say what you want about Perry and Bachmann, but their presence on the stage not only shifts the debate to the right, it reminds everyone that these two both called on the same woman for assistance last year, the same woman who shifted the 2010 elections to the right almost single-handededly.

And lastly, just because Nancy Pelosi has a very different plan for us all doesn’t mean we have to follow it, right?

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