The People Who Don’t Support Governor Palin Are So Ignorant That They Don’t Know Triumphalism Is a Word

Just how ignorant are the people who don’t support Governor Palin?  This ignorant:

#Palin fans r actually proud when she comes up w/new words like triumphalism? Instead of a tour bus she should buy a dictionary.

#Palin tells White House to avoid “triumphalism” I think she should avoid criticiosity #soonshecanmakeherowndictionary

Is [triumphalism] even a real word?….thanks for the link, you pompous no-nothing troll. And trust me, I can kick your ass and suit up while doing it….[expletive] off.

Is [triumphalism] even a [expletive] word?

triumphalism since when is this a word. OMG Palin strikes again. Listen up America this woman is dangerous. Just say No #palin

 Palin has coined a new word: “triumphalism”. What a [expletive] moron. And this was a VP candidate? She talks like a Kindergartner! Idiot. …..@SarahPalinUSA Will we have a thesaurus that day or will we be making up more of our own words, Mrs. Triumphalism? Idiot….Ok, so she accidentally got one right. [Expletive] you for being a [expletive] about correcting me.

Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of triumphalism.

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