Road to Waukee: July 31st

Leading up to Governor Palin’s Tea Party speech on Saturday, September 3rd, Iowa Organize4Palin coordinators, Peter Singleton and Michelle McCormick,will be sharing a series  of “boots on the ground” updates as O4P volunteers and Palin supporters prepare for Governor Palin’s speech. Here’s the first report from Peter:

July 31st

We sat in on a meeting this evening held by the event organizers as they were going over the infinite details that go into planning an event of this complexity and size. We’ve become dear friends with these great folks–this has been one of the blessings of being involved as this event unfolds.

While the schedule for the day and the program itself are still being developed, there’s a tentative, draft program that the organizers went over in careful detail tonight. From the looks of things, it will not simply be a great event–there will be something magical that happens that day. You can also tell this by walking the grounds of the property where the event will be held, which I did on Friday, and we will do again tomorrow morning.

We are not expecting the Governor to announce a presidential run that day. Rather we simply don’t know what day or venue she is going to announce her decision with respect to 2012, which we believe will be a run. We do, however, suspect the Governor may use the opportunity of September 3 to speak to not only the people of Waukee and Iowans in general, but to the American people.

The Governor’s speeches at important moments have often laid out a case and engaged in a conversation with the American people about the pressing issues we are facing. At the National Tea Party Convention in February, 2010, she talked about restoration rather than “fundamental transformation.” In Madison earlier this year, she stood down the corrupt nexus of government sector unions and their wholly-owned politicians.

Now, We the People are beginning to turn our full attention to the 2012 election. This may be the most important election in American history. The Governor’s public statements and Facebook notes in recent weeks have increasingly made the case for what’s at stake in this election, and have begun to define the terms of debate on our side. No candidate, or other potential candidate, has come remotely close to doing this.

We don’t know what the Governor will speak about on September 3, but knowing the Governor’s character and commitment to the American people and our core values and principles, she will have something to say on that day, and it will be memorable.

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