The Washington Post Needs to Do Their Research on Palin, Perry, and the Ames Straw Poll (Update – Peter Singleton Responds)

Washington Post political blogger, Aaron Blake, could stand to do a little bit of research before comparing apples to oranges (Palin to Perry) when it comes to today’s Ames straw poll. He tweets:

Palin apparently got less than 1 percent. Results from IA GOP say candidates not on the ballot who got less than 1 percent are not listed.

Blake also jokes that Rick Parry, a fake candidate promoted by comedian Stephen Colbert, received more votes than Governor Palin.

It would behoove him, and the rest of the media, to look at the facts squarely. As C4P reported a few weeks ago, Iowa’s Organize4Palin coordinator, Peter Singleton, has noted that their grassroots efforts have been focused on things other than a straw poll. They are, instead, focused on reaching out to voters on a more personal basis and preparing for Governor Palin’s Waukee Tea Party speech in early September, with the ultimate goal being a Palin win in next year’s Iowa caucus:

“We’re not pushing people at all to write in Sarah Palin’s name,” he told me. “We support the Straw Poll, and encourage everyone to attend because it’s a great event for the Republican Party here in Iowa.  If people want to write in her name, of course we appreciate their doing so, but we’re not doing any push for votes in the Straw Poll, in any way.  Nothing–we are not even sending an email out to our mailing list in the state encouraging people to do so.  We are simply not focused on this.

“No one, literally no one, will work harder for their candidate than Governor Palin’s volunteers, and no one will have the level of commitment and number of volunteers that Governor Palin will have.  And there is certainly no organization that is working harder for their candidate—announced or unannounced—than Organize4Palin is working on behalf of Governor Palin.

“But for us, since our candidate is not in the race yet, we are focusing all of our attention on the caucuses on February 6, 2012. We expect her to make her decision soon, and expect that decision to be to run.  At that point, the campaign will begin in earnest for Governor Palin’s grassroots supporters in this state—and we will be ready when that moment comes.

This was also reported by the Des Moines Register and Politico.

On the other hand, Americans for Rick Perry, a group promoting Perry’s candidacy, has been pushing hard for votes for Governor Perry in the Ames Straw Poll. This difference is important to note. Governor Palin’s support in Iowa and the enthusiasm she generates among Iowans is quite significant. Just look at the reaction she received from those at the Iowa state fair yesterday and during her live interview with Sean Hannity. Democratic strategist, Joe Trippi, even noted that had Palin been on the ballot, she would have walked away with the win.

One can’t compare the orange-shirted (a strange color, considering Governor Perry attended Texas A&M, not the University of Texas) Americans for Perry’s efforts and support to the forward–focused grassroots support for Governor Palin. It’s comparing apples to oranges.


Update by Stacy:

Peter Singleton just sent C4P a statement regarding this:

We stood by those statements weeks ago, and stand by them now. We wish all of the candidates well, including those who performed well, and those who disappointed by their results. We wish the Perry organization well, as their well-financed well-staffed efforts delivered considerable write-in votes.

As we said on July 29, “we look forward to contending vigorously with them when the Governor enters the race.”

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