They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #4 John Coale

In keeping with our current string of PUMA entries, our third-to-last (already!) post is a short-but sweet one. Some of you may have heard of John Coale. He’s a trial lawyer, and as far as Democratic fundraisers go, he’s kind of a big deal. Soon after John McCain selected Governor Palin as his running mate, the Clinton supporter endorsed the Republican ticket. In addition, he helped Governor Sarah Palin set up both her legal defence fund and her PAC.

Oh, and he also just so happens to be married to Greta Van Susteren.

We have covered Mr. Greta before. Back in 2009, Coale suggested SarahPAC make a good faith donation of five grand to help retire Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign debt. Governor Palin declined, concerned that it would not be a prudent use of contributors’ hard-earned money. Mr. Greta hatched the plan as part of a larger campaign to align the Guv with prominent women in politics. It was not just a ploy to get Palin to help Clinton.

Remember, when it comes to women in politics, Coale sticks with candidates as diverse as Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman and… Nancy Pelosi. Seriously.

Palin would later go on to endorse Fiorina and, as we all know, led the Mama Grizzly revolt that helped Tea Party conservatives make historic gains in Congress last year. Although no formal Palin-Clinton alliance ever formed, there has been minimal hostility between the two camps. (Billary even made our list!)

Few, if any, Democrats have helped Governor Palin as much as Mr. Greta has. His legal expertise and friendship have been invaluable and show that the letter after one’s name is no indicator of the trust one should put in him or her. The eunuchs of the Republican establishment should take note.

Let’s close out with this brief exchange Mr. Greta had over the Guv, from the Newsweak link above:

REPORTER: And what do you think of the new pick for VP, Governor Palin?

MR. GRETA: I think she’s great! I mean, this is a woman— Five kids, husband was union. I mean, she appeals to a lot.

REPORTER: You’re not concerned she’s not that experienced?

MR.  GRETA: Well, I’m more concerned when the President isn’t experienced. The Vice President— She has experience; she has leadership experience. The other guy at the top of the ticket does not. (Emphases added)

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