They Said WHAT?! The 25 Most Unlikely Palin Fans – #5 PUMA Nation

Seeing the headline to this piece, you may be saying to yourself … WHAT?! Is this the laziest and craziest addition yet to the Most Unlikely series? An entire group of people as ONE entry? (A small subset of you might be saying, “Um, what the heck is PUMA Nation?”)

I felt compelled to make PUMA Nation one entry because … there are so many PUMAs, they campaigned their party-un-united asses off for Governor Palin as VP, and frankly, they’re still out there — as potential constituents for Governor Palin 2012. Ya think these people REALLY want to vote for Obama’s re-election when they crossed party lines to prevent him from being elected in the first place?

As Right Pundits explained it back in 2008:

Former Hillary Clinton supporters are mad and aren’t going to take it anymore. There are several groups of these Hillary Clinton supporters that are vowing they will not vote for Barack Obama no matter what. One of those groups is PUMA: Party Unity My Ass. They are saying they will vote for John McCain instead.


Part of the problem is that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the far left wing. … Barack Obama has made it pretty clear that his vision of HOPE and CHANGE has to do with changing the basic core of the Democratic party. He has stated that he’s building a new coalition that includes the liberal elite, college students and the black communities. The rest … are disposable.

UPDATE PUMA is in the news again. They are angry and organizing. There are an estimated 250 PUMA-related Web sites and 2.5 million PUMAs online.

What became of the PUMAs after the DNC instated Obama in Denver, and after Governor Palin was announced in Dayton the next day? Many PUMA websites sprang to her defense and in fact, Palin seemed to energize the entire PUMA coalition.

Here is one example on the Puma4Palin blog:

This blog would have died a natural death at the time of Hillary’s speech of acclamation. But Sarah Palin changed all of that about four days later. NO, IT WAS NOT SARAH, IT WAS THE LEFT BLOGS that changed our mind.

The vicious and despicable attacks on Sarah Palin kept this blog alive!

In the three weeks since being nominated, Sarah has been subjected in one short blitzkrieg of character destruction attempted from every possible angle. Voters already incensed at the treatment Hillary received … have instantly been galvanized. We identify with Sarah. One doesn’t need to be a woman, mother, moose burger eater or even have a view on God or abortion, to be infuriated with the media coverage and the left-wing treatment of a candidate for national office.

As long as the bloviators keep lambasting Sarah in much the way they actually should have done to Obama over the last year, it becomes that much easier to blog about Sarah. The grist for the mill never ends.

Here is another one, PUMAFORPALIN:

This PUMA (i.e. a Hillary supporter who opposed Obama in November) is a liberal centrist who disagrees with many of Palin’s policies but voted for her in November and still defends her against misrepresentation and personal attacks.

And another, PumaForLife:

The Puma for Life American Dream Award is designed to honor individuals who … actually worked their way up through the ranks without a single political favor. … Throughout all of her work and endeavors, Sarah Palin has maintained a humble attitude of servant leadership. She has demonstrated to us that the American Dream is alive and well. Congratulations Sarah on a job well-done and a life well-lived. We look forward to Sarah’s continued presence on the political scene. … And, in 2012, I look forward to campaigning for the next President of the United States, Sarah Palin.

Dr. Lynette Long, one of the most prominent PUMAs in 2008, along with Will Bower and Lynn Forrester de Rothchild, campaigned for McCain-Palin in 2008 (emphasis mine):

My name is Lynette Long. I am a feminist, a mother, a Democrat and an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter and I am voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin on November 4.

After the last Democratic Primary was over and it was clear Senator Clinton was not going to get the Democratic nomination, myself, and a small group of Clinton supporters met with Senator McCain and Carly Fiorina. I personally explained to Senator McCain that women comprise well over half of the population, yet you will not see a single picture of a woman on paper currency or on a single coin in circulation. Women are underrepresented in every branch of government and there has never been a female president or vice president. I personally asked Senator McCain loudly and clearly to choose a woman for the Vice Presidential slot and to increase the number of women in the cabinet and on the Supreme Court. Senator McCain listened respectfully to my request. Little did I know then that he heard me and the millions of women of this country who have gone unrepresented in the Executive branch of government for far too long.

When I made similar requests of the Obama campaign, I was laughed at by the canvassers outside my home, told there weren’t enough qualified women by a member of his Finance Committee, and asked by a member of a policy committee why I was making such a stupid request.


I have given my loyalty to the Democratic Party for decades. My party, which is comprised primarily of women, has not put a woman on a presidential ticket for 24 years. … And yesterday, I understand Senator Obama personally said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig.” Well, Mr. Obama, calling girls names is something fifth grade boys do and I don’t want a fifth grader running my country.

I might not agree with Senator McCain and Governor Palin on all the issues, but I don’t agree with any candidate on all the issues. But in Senator McCain and Governor Palin, I find two people with personal integrity and a love of their county — individuals who not only talk the talk but walk the walk. I can work with that. I will vote for McCain-Palin. In fact, I’ve decided to try to win one vote a day for the McCain-Palin ticket. My new personal mantra is, “A vote a day, keeps Obama away.” I urge all Clinton supporters and McCain supporters to do the same. Thank you.

Crowded house: Thousands listen to Senator John McCain at a Republican  rally in Fairfax, Virginia.

Dr. Long went on to write articles in defense of Sarah Palin.

Other PUMA-inspired blogs, No Quarter, Common Ground Politics, The Confluence … also defended Gov. Palin.

If you know of other PUMA blogs, please leave them in the comments.

Four years later, will PUMA Nation join hands with Tea Party Nation to show Obama the door? Will the “We’re Sick of the Sexist Bullcrap” crowd find an unlikely simpatico once again with the “We’re Sick of the Over-Spending Bullcrap” folks?

That’s the $2.4 Trillion-question, isn’t it?

p.s. I’m gonna re-configure Dr. Long’s slogan … “A vote a day sends Obama away.”

Back to you Damian!

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