Why We Need You to Run, Sarah

Guest Submission by Robert Wiles

At times one feels compelled to address a situation that they feel dearly about, and at times one doesn’t want to push his personal agenda onto another, but when one feels that a time of great chaos is upon us, words must be spoken, not just from the lips, but from the heart. I write to not beg Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012, I write to ask Sarah Palin to run not because I just admire her, but I as many others see the storm which has been brewing for decades in now upon us.

We have just witnessed the debt crisis debacle, we have seen that the future for our children mean nothing to many of our politicians and even many within the populous. Oh hell, lets face it, many live for now and in living for now one only thinks of themselves and no other, not even their offspring. If we did, we be giving up much and doing what we must. We be cutting spending, we be cutting unwarranted government programs, we be gutting government altogether, we be living within the means of a balanced budget.

Well, I am not here to talk about our debt, many out there know much more then I and have written about this matter. What I want to say is this, Sarah Palin, I need you, the people need you, America needs you. Today I have seen and heard the hatred become more of a part of life then one can bear to see. One can not disagree with another anymore, if you do, you will not be debated since that is no longer feasible, today your soul be damned to hell and if that is not good enough, you become marked as one who must be wished death upon. We have seen that for ages, we have seen that hatred grow to such enormity, the tensions that have been tossed upon us is very ignitable. For years I have been called a racist, a bigot, and a homophobe. That was when life was easy, now I am just damned to hell, cursed with such vengeance that even Satan himself would shudder in hearing the vulgarity.

We no longer debate, debate is over, the lines have been drawn and now the armies of both sides march into battle. For years we have been crucified by the left and liberal media, we always hear that word compromise come from their lips, we hear the rhetoric that conservatives and republicans are unwilling to compromise and in that, the Country has fallen into the abyss of darkness. I hear that word compromise and I think about Obamacare, where was the compromise from the left, correct me if I am wrong but I think that was rammed down our throats without any compromising from the left. I hear how we must teach evolution in schools and yet I see no compromise in teaching “Intelligent design”. I hear the left always promoting sex education in schools, but then I ask where is their compromise in teaching abstinence as well.

I listen to the reasoning from the left in why we must have organizations as Planned Parenthood, YET, when I mention that we need to have institutions to counter Planned Parenthood for women who need counseling and desire another method, the compromise from the left is I am a sexist and have no feelings for the opposite sex. When I ask that we need a balanced budget amendment for our Government, the compromise from the left is “shut up you terrorist”. When I try and speak, I am told I am a faction of the terrorist organization Hamas. When I show concern and question, I am called a Hobbit. When I try and fight by letting my words be heard I am told I am a psychotic killer as described here.

Compromise, forget it, the left wants me gone, they don’t want anybody who does not agree with them and they want people like us out of the picture. Yes Independents, you might want me to compromise and even when I try, it doesn’t matter, the left wants total control and we have seen this coming for decades. So to the Independents when I am gone, its your turn to be damned to eternal hell. We have seen much hatred from the left in these last few decades, take a look at these, and remember, this is miniscule to all the hatred that has been thwarted upon us.

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Media Blames Sarah Palin Conservatives For Shooting of Rep. Giffords Despite Lack of Evidence

Clinton Warns Tea Party Anger Incites Right-Wing Extremism

Editorial Cartoon Suggests Navy Seals Assasinate Tea Party Republicans

Yes, they hate us, the left does not want to compromise with us, and why do they hate us, well its so simple, its what we believe in. I am classified as a God-fearing gun-toting redneck racist terrorist Hobbit hick from hell, and many might laugh at that but what brings that about is my convictions of believing in God, the unborn, the family, marriage, the constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the red, white and blue. Yes, within those beliefs lies a potential killer, that’s what the left wants everybody to believe, and the sad thing is, some will think that.

So this is why I need now to say to Sarah Palin, the time is now, this is your time, your calling is now at hand. We now are looking at a stalemate between us and the left, we look for a leader within the Republican party and we see none who has yet taken control of the reigns. We sit here and mope about the debt crisis debacle, we hear from many that we were duped, we were scammed by our politicians. We sit here and hear the words of damnation from the left against us and yet we still look for someone who can lead us and fight for us.

Yet as we look for that someone, we have seen in the last 3 years, one who has put fear into the minds of the ones who have put fear into us, the people. Why, why for 3 years now, the one that they are scared of is still being debated among us. Why is the one that they deplore more then God it seems is still being questioned by many within our circle. I want to live free, I want to be free, I want to see all free. I want to live within a peaceful society of love. I want to live among a society who even in disagreeing which each other can still honor and respect ones who do not believe as they. I want to see the children of the future survive and live not in distress, but live as a people of hope and blessings.

This is why I ask Sarah Palin, we need you, we can not sit anymore and wait for someone to take control and lead us. I have seen and watched how they have scorned you, I have watched how they have casted evil upon you and I have seen how you have bravely stood your ground and and in your stand I have seen your wisdom in the honoring of God and the fulfillment within your heart for a people who are fighting to survive. Yes, we need you Sarah, and you know this destiny, you yourself have seen the clash within the structure of good and evil. You have preached it, you have lived it, you know that salvation for a people to survive they must live in salvation of morality.

I have never seen one come as you who has been mocked and damned as you, and with the scares that have been thwarted upon you and your family, you have survived, you have showed admiration not in just me, but your God, and within your soul God has prevailed. Yes Sarah, this army needs a general, a leader, one who will stand tall for us, one who will shine for us. You know as well as I, this is not political, this is more, this battle we see coming is a battle for survival. Lately we have seen so much confusion, so much turmoil, the hatred is ten fold and you know we can not survive as a people if we lose our identity.

This is a battle of who we are, which culture we live by. This is not of a political desire, this is culture battle where sides have been drawn and now the clash is upon us. Yes, Sarah, we are struggling and you know, voting will not cure this problem, we have fallen back to where life is not of values and principles, life is of darkness where living is not for happiness, living has become motionless. Yes, I look at you Sarah and truly feel that there was a reason for you to come into our lives, and in seeing the hatred that has been bestowed upon you confirms those thoughts. You have stood tall for us, you have been our voice, our strength, and yet many are weakened by not knowing your future.

I know there is a lot of weight upon your shoulders, I know there is many questions for you to answer within your personal life, but for myself all I can say is this, in searching deep, you know the answer and that is the hatred for you is not of choice by the left, this hatred of you was waiting for only you. There is no other that they fear, there is no other they attack so visciously, there is no other they wish would be silent other then you. That confirms my thoughts and that being, you know this is your time, your time to sacrifice not just for anybody but for a people of God. That is why they hate you so, that is why they fear you, that is why they scare of you, they know as I……… you were sent……!!!

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