Breaking: Mitt Romney Scores Prized Jimmy Carter Endorsement in GOP Primary; Update: Lefty Dana Milbank Follows Suit

Not totally unexpected given Mitt’s Carteresque positions on such issues as cap and trade, ethanol subsidies, government health care mandates, and man-made global warming to name but a few.  But still, Team Mitt undoubtedly had to do some major schmoozing and arm-twisting behind the scenes to secure this:

On former Massachusetts Gov. Romney, the former Democratic president said he would like to see Romney win the Republican presidential nomination.

“I’m not taking a position, but I would be very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination,” Carter said on an interview on MSNBC set to air Thursday night.

This follows Mitt’s previous big-name endorsements from Al Gore, Meghan McCainAlec Baldwin, and Kathleen Parker.  Exit question: Which endorsement is bigger?  Normally I’d think Al Gore’s would carry more weight, but I’m not so sure anymore.  With Obamanomics creating a sense of nostalgia for Jimmy Carter’s economy, his endorsement may well be a game-changer for the Mittster.

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Update: Far-left WaPo pundit Dana Milbank argues that Democrats should do what they can to help the Mittens secure the Republican nomination:

There may not be a whole lot of difference in their stated policies in this campaign, but Romney has a well-known history of more liberal positions on health care, climate change, gay rights and abortion.


So, given these growing fears that Obama may lose in 2012 to any Republican with a pulse, maybe it’s time for Democrats to stop hoping that Perry will be the next Barry Goldwater. There’s admittedly not much they can do to shape the outcome of the presidential primaries, but they might wish to think twice before using their rapid-response teams to help Perry bury Romney.

One party operative close to these decisions told me there have been a “lot of conversations” about the dilemma, with some labor and environmental groups arguing for easing up on the anti-Romney message machine out of a belief that he would be the “lesser of two evils.”



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