Conservatives4Palin Editorial Team More Diverse Than The New York Times

In a piece last week, Damian Geminder reminded us of what lengths the hard left go to in weaponizing race and gender. They seem to believe that women and racial and ethnic minorities have but one choice: vote Democrat — or get smeared. And so they resort to gross misrepresentation of Governor Palin and the Tea Party to fit their narrative that anyone who isn’t a Democrat is a racist sexist homophobe. Naturally, they must destroy Governor Palin and her record of inclusiveness to keep that mythology intact.

Well, I’ve got a little newsflash for the race-baiting left. It might be a shock for them to learn that the website most well-known for supporting Governor Palin, yes, even our own C4P, is more diverse and inclusive than the New York Times’ op-ed team! How can that be?! Aren’t liberal publications naturally diverse? Aren’t conservative publications naturally homogenous?

Consider that here at C4P we have among our columnists:

– Ian Lazaran (Chinese American)
Adrienne Ross and Kunta Evans (African American)
Jasmine Velasco and Jose Gonzales (Hispanic American)

And we probably have more diversity that we don’t even realize, certainly among the commenters. But that’s at least five ethnic and racial minorities among our top dozen or so editors, writers, and contributors. We also have about a roughly 50-50 ratio between men and women writers at C4P, while we range in age from recent college graduates to Baby Boomers.

Then compare that to the diversity among the New York Times columnists:

– Charles Blow (African American)

That’s it. A stunning seventy percent of New York Times columnists are old white dudes … including David Brooks and Thomas Friedman. You will find lots of Pulitzer prizes there. But you will find no one of Asian or Latino descent among the New York Times 10 regular column writers — and no one who appears under 40. Only two women (Gail Collins and Maureen Dowd) — a 20-80 ratio – write regular columns for the NYT; both are white and over 50.

Where is the diversity at the Grey Lady? Do they hate women and minorities or something? Are they trying to stick it to the younger generation? Where’s the FAIRNESS? Ha!

Conservatives4Palin didn’t have to institute hiring quotas. We didn’t subscribe to Affirmative Action. Why are we diverse in age, race and gender? Because Governor Palin attracted all of us. We’re all volunteers. She has the ability to unite America unlike any politician I have seen in my adult lifetime.

Next time someone tries to tell you Palin can’t attract anyone but “whites” or old married people or men  … just tell them to check out C4P. We’re living proof that’s just not true! (Oh, and not that there’s anything wrong with being an old white married man! We all have our skin color, gender and biological clock that’s pretty inalterable – most of the time! Fortunately for us conservatives, we don’t dwell on superficial or inalterable things that could needlessly divide us.)

Gov. Palin and C4P Editor Adrienne Ross

 C4P Writer Kunta EvansC4P Writer Kunta Evans

C4P Writer Jasmine Velasco

C4P Editors Ian Lazaran and Nicole Coulter

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