For Debate Style And Content Look To Governor Palin

 Guest Submission by Steven Bayrd

When I was a young deputy sheriff we trained on mostly fixed targets with a bit of moving close-quarters combat with the handgun. Later there came about mock town settings that were much more realistic where we had to discriminate between the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” It was VERY BAD when you mistook the good for the bad and “shot” the wrong mock person.

I’ve noticed on Twitter and elsewhere some well-meaning supporters of Gov. Palin attack people who currently support another GOP candidate in the name of “vetting.” The process of vetting is crucial so that we avoid the catastrophe we saw in 2008. I for one want extensive vetting for anyone we send against Mr. Obama in 2012. Sarah Palin has already passed that test with extraordinary aplomb. For me, she is the one! That said, there are millions of conservative and independent voters that currently support other GOP candidates for their own reasons. There is passion in politics that, if not based in persuasion, will be sensed as an attack by the other person. If we are to educate and expose these folks to the benefits of supporting a potential Palin presidency, a good place to take your queue is Governor Palin herself.

The exchange in question dealt with a position Gov. Perry took in Iowa on Ethanol mandates in motor fuel. Perry’s position seemed to be against these mandates, a position that Gov. Palin appears to share. Farmers in Iowa had negative reactions to this position while claiming to be conservative. We can debate why farmers feel the federal government should be meddling in the free market and whether Ethanol fits into an energy strategy, but the farmers have been conditioned by decades of nanny-state pandering to expect subsidies and mandates. The farmers will need to be led to a new understanding of what free market responsibility is.

A Palin supporter on Twitter used the farmer’s negative responses to imply that Perry has incorrect positions and, therefore, is a less desirable candidate. A person on the receiving end of this exchange, a Perry supporter (who also likes Sarah Palin very much), felt this was an unfair attack on Perry and that this was not “vetting.” Since our own champion, Gov. Palin, appears to take the same position as Perry on this one issue, I agree!

Several weeks ago on C4P Nicole posted a fine example of the different styles between Gov. Palin and Gov. Perry.

The two videos in this post show extremely different styles of confrontation and debate between these two governors. While Gov. Palin has abounding passion for a restored America and its people’s future, her style is one of persuasion and leadership, not combat. Even when mercilessly attacked by the “Lamestream Media” and petulant pundits on the Left and establishment Right for more than three years, she is the MASTER of her message. Most of us, including me, could never equal her calm in the face of these attacks. But she draws from a well of strength through her faith, her family, and her amazing grasp of  what is really important. While we cannot hope to match her abilities (after all, that’s why SHE is Sarah!), we can take a queue from her in our persuasion of others who, as candidates are honestly vetted, may join us in supporting Sarah Palin for president.

I’m not saying that there are not unfair attacks and stealth agendas out there that we must counter (see Erick Erickson). But Gov. Palin has a quality of firm yet honorable debate that we can seek to emulate. Extensive, thorough vetting of the field of GOP candidates is critical to America’s future! That vetting MUST be a dispassionate process of facts exposed to the electorate. Getting into verbal combat with potential allies is not what Gov. Palin would do. She would NOT shoot the “good guy.” She would more likely hug the good guy and lead them to the truth. That is the winning strategy, whether you read Going Rogue or Sun Tsu.

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