Governor Palin and the Constitution

One of the most celebrated amendments to the United States Constitution, the signing of which is celebrated today on Constitution Day, is the First Amendment. It grants us, among other things, the freedom of speech.

Tara Jollie, a friend of Governor Palin and former staffer in her administration, who granted me an interview after Frank Bailey released his book of lies about her in May, reflected on the day Governor Palin announced her resignation from the Governor’s office. Today is perhaps the best possible day for Jollie to have written this article, for in it she acknowledged that the Governor’s difficult decision allowed her to reclaim her freedom of speech:

Monday came and, sure enough, there she was by the elevator packing some of her personal belongings from her office to her car. All my composure went flying out the window. I went to help her carry things and could not stop my tears. She did what she could to comfort me then we went for a little ride just to have a little alone time. When she dropped me off I was still sad, but happy for her to get her personal freedom back; especially the freedom of speech. I thought “What a strong role model for anyone who feels they don’t have a choice in their lives. There is always a choice!” This simple message is incredibly powerful when seen demonstrated in living color.

I know there were those with ulterior motives who pretended to support Sarah as candidate then Governor, and many more that underestimated her. I credit most of that behavior to a collective resistance to change, and, in some cases gender bias, unbridled greed, and/or a great desire for position and power. The establishment absolutely had to get rid of this rabble-rouser. No one knew this better than the appointees within the bureaucracy. The same ones who laughed at her around the water cooler before the election were sucking up like crazy after the election – trying to save their jobs until they could get rid of her. No entity resists change as well as a bureaucracy, and so the dance of sabotage began and continued to the end of her term.


Our political system needs dramatic reform. A lofty goal, so simple and so obvious. Kudos to those determined to make a difference. Sarah Palin is beating the drum for reform. Although unintentional, resigning set her free to go that direction. Her decision to step away from her office demonstrated strength, not weakness. She really is her own person.

Anyone who thought Governor Palin would sit around and collect a paycheck if she could not be productive does not know her. Anyone who expected her to sit down and shut up couldn’t possibly have heard or read anything she said on the campaign trail. Her slogan was Take a Stand!

When Governor Palin returned from the campaign trail, the partisan vultures tried to pick her apart. Their goal was to punish her for daring to accept Senator McCain’s request to help lead this country and for exercising her freedom of speech to speak out against waste, overtaxing, and an utter disregard for our Constitutional freedoms. They wanted to silence her commitment to speaking up for life, the free market, and American exceptionalism, and they especially took umbrage at her fearlessness in calling out President Obama in the process. They wanted to enslave her, and they were willing to allow frivolous ethics charges to cost Alaska two million dollars–and then some. She vowed when she resigned to continue to fight and continue to speak, even without a title. She has certainly done so.

It is without hyperbole that I say no one else has undergone the vile, despicable, and hurtful accusations and verbal attacks Governor Palin has. She is continually subjected to actions that simply would not be tolerated if the target were anyone else. The selective outrage of people on the left and the right is rather telling; it reveals the one they fear most. Such hatred toward this wife, mother, and conservative public figure begs the question: What is it about her they hate so much and seek to destroy? The answer becomes more obvious each day. It’s the freedom of speech she chooses to exercise. A person’s right is only as powerful as her willingness to practice it. Governor Palin respects our Constitution and the rights it affords, and she is not afraid to take full advantage of her First Amendment right to shout the greatness of America from the rooftops and to call out those vices and villains threatening our nation. Lately, she is turning up the heat as she names names in her quest to shine a spotlight on crony capitalism, corporate welfare, and the permanent political class. For this, she is maligned, slandered, and harassed in the most wretched ways–and still she perseveres, even without a title.

By the end of this month, Governor Palin will let us know if she’s willing to seek a title, the highest title in the land, to effect change–reform–in a greater capacity. No doubt, even with such a title, perhaps even more so, she will continue to praise the beauty of our Constitution and to exercise every freedom it guarantees, including the beloved freedom of speech.

Concerning Governor Palin’s future, Tara Jollie states simply:

I, for one, wish her well wherever her destiny takes her. History tells us it won’t be easy.

No, it won’t be easy, but with an army of supporters standing behind her, she will surely emerge victorious. She is, after all, The Undefeated.

Read Tara Jollie’s full article here.

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