Governor Palin is Not Your Father’s Republican

This week the NY Times finally noticed that Gov. Sarah Palin is not a typical Republican. They seemed “shocked” to discover that she stands in sharp opposition to the abusive alliance between Big Business and Big Government practiced by so many Republicans for decades.

So is it any wonder that typical Republicans aren’t on board with her?

As case in point, former vice president Dick Cheney was on the Laura Ingraham show discussing the requirements he felt were necessary in being a vice president, at which Laura brought Palin onto the table. Cheney replied that unanswered questions remain about Palin, especially in regard to her resignation from the governorship.

“Well I’ve never gotten around the question of her having left the governorship of Alaska midterm,” Cheney said. “I’ve never heard that adequately explained so that I could understand why, how she decided in her first term to step down – I’d like to know more about that.”

The entire media and beltway pundits pounced upon his statement as the ultimate rejection of Palin since it came from the “most conservative person” of the previous administration. To many conservatives, Cheney’s confusion over her resignation was quite surprising. Why can’t the D.C. conservatives comprehend a simple concept which so many of us ordinary citizens are capable of grasping with such clarity? My friends, this differentiation between us and them is precisely why Cheney and many other true conservative D.C. politicians simply cannot understand the true reason of Palin’s resignation.

You see, although Cheney is a true conservative, he’s also a Washington guy who has breathed Crony Capitalism for a considerable amount of years. When surrounded with dangerous fumes, if no precautions are taken, one gets affected regardless of the initial after one’s name. Halliburton, at which Cheney was a former chairman and CEO, received billions in no-bid contracts from the Bush Administration and it’s unknown if any and/or to what extent Cheney was involved.

Additionally, although Cheney has received stacks of hate mail from liberal wing nuts, he was also on the receiving end of his party’s praise and support. His inability to relate to someone who has faced opposition and gridlock from one’s own party in addition to that of the Democrat Party is therefore understandable. He was never forced to deal with endless ridiculous lawsuits like Palin had to because she had dared take on the status quo!

It’s time for conservatives to wake up and realize that the majority of the “permanent political class” will do just as Cheney has done and not necessarily from evil intentions to destroy her. They have simply been in Washington for far too long and see Palin’s image of reform, which is supported by conservative common-sense Americans, as delusional and impossible. Despite their having heard of Palin’s unbelievable reform accomplished in Alaska, it is too difficult for them to imagine it actually happening in D.C. itself. On top of that, crony capitalism is so deeply entrenched in Washington psyches that it has affected most members of both parties who fear an end to the partying and powers they’ve become accustomed to due to a future President Palin.

This is why I don’t expect Paul Ryan to support a future Palin presidential run despite her having been of the first to support his Medicare reform plan.  For although he’s often proposed conservative legislation, he has never voted against not-so-conservative bills drafted by the other party leaders whether from the house or the senate. It’s not for naught that Ryan is number-four in the house, as part of leadership according to those currently in power is defined as going with the flow.

This is not limited to Ryan. A majority of the house voted for his reform bill and then voted for Boehner’s plan which was a water-downed version of Obama’s plan. It didn’t cut spending, only slowed it.

Palin will still face additional attacks from all sides and we must understand from where these attack stem. It’s because of her desire to destroy crony capitalism and to rebuild and restore America to its previous position.

Despite all that will come, as in the past, they will be unable to destroy her.

As Palin had said in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Tea Party Express Rally:

You’ve already withstood the wrath, the disdain, and the lies from the media and the Permanent Political Class looking down on you – on US — mocking us, making things up about us, telling us to go to Hell.  You have already withstood that. We’re still standing, standing here today, standing strong, and we’re RESTORING all that’s good about America.


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