Hillbuzz: More Clues Palin is Running From Her Post-Debate Interview

Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz has been gathering the evidence that Governor Palin is running for president. He filed another post yesterday about the Governor’s FOX News interview with Greta Van Susteren and the “clear clues” he says her responses suggested about her presidential ambitions.

Governor Palin validates the Tea Party movement and underscores her strong support. She continues to encourage grassroots efforts coast to coast that are outside the Cocktail Party establishment’s purview.

The first question Greta asked the Governor last night was about what she thought of the debates, and the Governor seized the opportunity to praise the Tea Party movement’s rise in stature, to the point where CNN came to them to hold a debate. Clearly, the Governor continues to encourage the Tea Party’s growing power in national politics and its expanding influence on things like these presidential debates.

The Governor repeats the word “validation” multiple times in reference to the Tea Party, and in particular its emphasis of “We the People” in everything it does. If you recall, “We the People” is prominently emblazoned on Governor Palin’s touring coach, which she’s used for her bus tours through the heartland. “We the People” is a phrase that turns up in the Governor’s recent speeches, and is something that’s clearly going to form a large part of her stump speeches when her campaign officially announces.

The Governor said the Tea Party was the big winner of this debate, because hosting the debate alone was a validation of the Tea Party’s belief that Barack Obama’s love of centralized government is at odds with the majority of Americans’ belief in states’ rights and private sector entrepreneurialism. The Governor also mentioned the restoration of the “pioneering spirit” that made this country great, which is something the Tea Party believes in.

Folks, this is not a TV commentator speaking, but instead it’s a soon-to-announce presidential candidate who is speaking directly to her supporters in the Tea Party movement and letting them know how much she appreciates the initiative they are showing in advancing the cause she, too, believes in.


It’s very well-played, strategic leadership from someone who knows the best way to cultivate a grassroots, sustainable campaign is to let people know she’s a champion of what matters to them — and that she’s very much one of them — instead of some alien entity like Obama sent here in mystery ordering them what to do.

Governor Palin singled Newt Gingrich out for praise, citing his emphasis on cutting waste in government and attacking crony capitalism (a phrase Governor Palin coined).

This is subtle, but you need to see that Newt Gingrich is not really running for president. His appearances in these debates do not mean he believes he can or will be the Republican nominee. Gingrich has a few personal reasons for doing what he’s doing, among them keeping the shell of a campaign going long enough to qualify for federal matching funds to repay some of his debt, but also because he wants to be a sage, Obi Wan Kenobi, styled elder statesman of the Republican Party — which is a terrific role for him I’d love to see this man play for many years to come.

Since Gingrich is not really a candidate, Governor Palin can praise him in a way she’d never praise one of her real opponents for the nomination (which, in all honesty, are just Rick Perry and Mittens Romneycare). In a contest like this, for the presidential nomination, the Governor is well-served to never praise an opponent lest the agenda-driven media use her words against her in the future.

In the interview with Greta, the Governor takes great pains to never mention Perry or Mittens by name, with Perry only coming up when Greta asked about his poor decision regarding Gardasil specifically. Otherwise the Governor just talked about her soon-to-be opponents failing as Governors to address crony capitalism in their states or to eliminate the wasteful spending that could save the country billions a year.

This is talking like a candidate, not a commentator. If Governor Palin really had no intention of running for president, then she’d be mentioning Perry, Mittens, and all the rest by name because she’d know sound bytes of her talking about them would rocket to the top of YouTube and generate a lot of excitement and attention for her…if her goal in being on TV was just to get attention, and not to lay further groundwork for her stealth presidential campaign.

Note how often the Governor says “crony capitalism” in the interview. That’s very deliberate. This is something else a presidential candidate does, because it’s an important part of the Governor’s campaign branding.

Palin 2012 will be about combating crony capitalism, restoring federalism, replacing Obama with a president who respects the American pioneer spirit, eliminating waste and renewing our fiscal solvency by taking to task those who got us into this mess.

All of this perfectly echoes the Tea Party spirit, which will be well represented in Governor Palin’s presidential campaign platform. You betcha!


Read the whole thing here.

I also noticed that the Governor talked about taking on the permanent political class and how she had the bumps and bruises to show for it. That seemed an odd thing to say if you’re just planning to be a commentator in the presidential race, did it not?

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