It’s Not Just the Economy, Stupid

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post attributed this submission to another writer. We would like to apologize to Ervin sincerely for that error, and congratulate him on this great piece.

Guest Submission by Ervin Sims

Bill Clinton came up with a great campaign slogan in 1992. “It’s the economy stupid.” Today that slogan is tossed around by Tea Partiers and Republicans along with Reagan’s line about a rising tide lifts all boats. The main thrust of these slogans address the issue of the national economy. These slogans are valid to a certain degree. However, I would like to point out that IT’S NOT JUST THE ECONOMY. There are a plethora of issues that are also of vital concern. Fortunately for us Sarah has already got a record or staked out a position on all of them.

There is corruption in federal government. There are more issues than I want to name in this essay, but I will address a few. The Attorney General office reeks of corruption. If member or members of the KKK had stood outside a polling station armed with clubs, and been successfully convicted, and a new Republican administrations Attorney General had dropped the case there would have been a nationwide howl of outrage and indignation, and it would have been deserved. The perpetrators in this case however, were from the New Black Panther Party. If a Republican administration had been in charge when federal agents facilitated the sale of weapons to Mexican drug dealers who challenge the Mexican government itself, administrative heads would roll, and they should. Such however has happened during this administration. Can anyone say “Fast and Furious”?

The issues surrounding FANNY MAE and FREDIE MAC are surely in need of investigation. The issues of an unaudited Federal Reserve Bank and the bureaucrats and legislators who protect them require the disinfectant of sunshine. We need to find out how Congressional Legislators miraculously become multimillionaires in a few years after taking office. It surely isn’t from their Congressional salaries.

We need to look at the interlocking web of high level bureaucratic government service, big business, big union, entrenched party cliques, and main stream media magnates. Don’t hold your breath while waiting on it to happen. This is the source of perhaps the most dangerous scandal of all.

America does not have just an economic problem that is just the symptom of a deeper illness. Perhaps a good historic example is from the fight between Andrew Jackson and the Second National Bank. The head of the Second National Bank was Nicholas Biddle. He and Jackson had what was known as the “Bank War” of 1832-36. During this time Biddle manipulated the currency creating sever economic disruption because of Jackson’s uncooperative attitude and opposition to the National Bank. The Federal Reserve is the equivalent of the Second National Bank. Congress back in 1913 delegated their power to create and maintain a national currency to the Federal Reserve. In those ninety eight years the bank that was to stabilize the economy and currency has presided over at least eight depressions or recessions. They are doing a really good job aren’t they?

There is a spiritual problem in America. This nation in the past one hundred years has come to reject the Judeo-Christian principles on which it was founded. I dare say that there are some “Conservatives” who will present an argument denying this fact. Undoubtedly Liberal or rather Progress elements would also quickly chime in. As this nation turns from God, the repeating cycle of national crises increases. People turn from looking to God for aid and guidance to the Big Brother of government. If freedom in this country is to be maintained, this trend must stop.

While Sarah cannot cure or correct all the ills that beset our nation, she can lead a rejuvenated nation in the right direction. No other candidate or potential candidate that I have seen in this nation comes close to meeting the qualifications that Sarah has. If she remains true to her calling I have no doubt that she will lead us in that battle. That is why I unreservedly say, RUN SARAH RUN!

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