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Oh Greta! Everybody’s a little nervous now apparently. But hey, we’ve got a bumpy 14 months ahead, and it is my hope that we can do this all together with our joy intact. Sometimes that’s hard.

Here’s what I do when I’m feeling confused about the way things should go … I remember the following:

1) I have never been a candidate for city council, mayor, lieutenant governor, governor or vice president. Governor Palin has. So, she might have some knowledge that I do not possess.

2) I have never been villainized by a rabid press and targeted even by my own party for political annihilation. Governor Palin has. So, she might have some knowledge that I do not possess.

3) I have never had a political action committee comprised of trustworthy and intelligent staff members, including a chief of staff who ran a presidential campaign, a foreign policy advisor who has consulted with former presidents, and a brilliant speechwriter who is primed for battle at all times. Governor Palin has and does. So she might have some knowledge that I do not possess.

I remember that Governor Palin shared a favorite quote once. I believe it was in Runners World when she was quoting a famous marathoner …

“We must let go of the life we have planned –so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.” Dr. George Sheehan

Just like they always say … “Work like it all depends on you … laugh when God has other plans.” Or am I mixing up my sayings? HA!

So that’s what we do … we work like it all depends on us – and we let go of the things we can’t control. That’s what Karen Allen and Peter Singleton and Michelle McCormick are doing. They’re giving up their lives right now, stepping up of their own volition to save our nation! Not to mention all the other dedicated O4Pers who are tireless worker bees for the cause.

Here’s some great crowdsourced courage and wisdom for those who are losing heart in the announcement timing. I plucked these from the post-interview threads from among our amazing commenters. And please understand that I empathize with where you’re coming from if you’re worried right now. Governor Palin and her team are contending with things we probably don’t even know. So we wait … and we work. We do our part. Nobody likes waiting. But everyone will like winning. We are all going to enjoy that immensely.


Folks, listen up!

All of this stuff Sarah said about “being shackled” and is a “title worth it” is about the GOP trying to muzzle her.

Once she becomes the Nominee – the GOP will try to flood her campaign with
more” Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt” like-aides and other people that will be more about fighting her as she goes after the GOP & DEMS in the election. She is contemplating how she can be FREE against the COMING inside attacks from FOX and the media and GOP trying to sabotage her as she pursue
just even the nomination.

She is going to be fighting the GOP elites and Fox/MSM more than the Dems and Obama in her pursuit of the nomination. She thinking “how can I speak out FREELY the truth without
being bound because I have the title of Republican candidate or Republican nominee?””is having a title worth it?


Mao said it best:

When your enemy is prepared for you to attack (go on the offensive) retreat, but when your enemy thinks you are retreating to your stronghold, attack when they least expect it.

The is one highly orchestrated kabuki dance.

Ask yourself why did the Sarah Palin approach Stephen K Bannon after the 2010 midterm election to do some You Tube videos to supposedly “rehabilitate her image?”

If Sarah Palin was planning to remain on the sidelines why would she desire to rehabilitate her political image?

Or to put it another way a scandal comes out about retired football player. Do you hear of many players going to great lengths to set the record straight? No. They just let the news cycle pass and move on with their lives. But believe me if it happened while he was still playing he and his agent would be in “damage control mode.”


I wanted to repost this great comment from Techno that was pushed down a few pages concerning the FEC and how Palin’s enemies would exploit any mistake made by Palin.

I would love to hear from those that are freaking out about this interview to please explain exactly how she could have given a heads up to her supporters without breaking FEC laws.

Techno’s comment.

Here’s the deal:

There is one way that Palin’s enemies can stop her for good. Involve her in legal entanglements with the FEC so she never gets her campaign off the ground.

She cannot afford to make a mistake or thousands of lawsuits will be filed against her by her enemies in court, similar to what happened in Alaska.

Thus she cannot even hint she is running even to her supporters.

I look forward to the responses on how Palin would be able to give her supporters hints, but not break any FEC violations.

Nathan Santos

She is emphatic about declaring, “I cannot be bought” and “I do not wish to be shackled by a title”. She’s a fine example of a Generation X-er: a true nomad, independent spirit, but ruthlessly loyal to her cause. She would not be so elusive if she were NOT trying to win this thing. She needs flexibility, the ability to evade and dodge. Currently, she has that ability as a non-candidate (as she intimated in her comments this evening)–her competitors are boxed in and are now relying on polls to dictate their moves. They are all turning out to be yesterday’s news (or “the flavor” of yesterday), and Sarah has BIG, high-profile, and important speeches coming shortly. She knows what she is doing.


Update on Red State poll:

PALIN 50.7%

CAIN 20.1%

PAUL 13.2%

ROMNEY 2.4%…


Come on Palin Nation.We have hung with Sarah in the tuff times and the good times.This a long grind and she will give the call out befiore October 14th.Think of all the preperation that she is under right now getting ready.Don’t tell me the other candidates other then maybe Romney are fully prepared for the long haul to November 2012.She is checking every box off before she enters and the least we can do is give her the benefit of that.Keep your head up and on the goal we all share.Cuda 2012.Nothing Less!


Earlier today, I made the comment that the GOP establishment is running out of warm bodies to foist on the GOP primary voters.

Now that Christie is out of the picture, the $64,000 question becomes, will Jeb run?

Could Palin be waiting for the last warm body to be offered up, because after Jeb there is nobody left in the bullpen who can defeat Sarah?


However, I have just a few thoughts to share with you about her interview with Greta tonight.

I can perceive that some people may have become a little discouraged, and may be thinking that, when Sarah says she does not need a title to make a difference, and when she says that she might be constricted by a POTUS campaign in the way that she was constricted during the VP campaign of ’08, that all of this means she may not run in 2012.

NO WAY!! She is running!!

IMHO, what she is telling us is NOT that she is not intending to run, but rather that her “finis,” as the Romans said, her “telos,” as the Greeks said, her “goal” or “purpose,” as we say, is not to seek a title, but rather to serve the American People.

There is all the difference between seeking a title plain and simple, out of pride, out of greed for power, out of ambition, and seeking to serve the common good, in the course of which, as a MEANS TO AN END, one seeks a title, in this case, President of the United States.

Sarah is saying that she is not going to “run for President” in the way that other candidates traditionally have, but rather that she will seek to open her beautiful, brave, and noble “servant’s heart” to the service of her country in the highest and loftiest way possible…and that she is going to find that the best MEANS to serve her END is to run for POTUS.

Succinctly: Sarah is not seeking the Presidency as her END or Goal, but as a MEANS to an end.

Succinctly again: Sarah does not NEED a title, as she says, but she can USE a title…to serve her beloved country!!!

What a universe of difference this makes!!

Also, she will let nothing constrain or confine her in what will be the most unconventional and honest and honorable campaign for the White House in modern history. We will not witness a repeat of ’08, when Steve Schmidt and “Headquarters” shackled and thwarted her!!

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