More From the Marist Poll: Palin Leads Obama 47-43 Among Independents/Open Thread

One final note on the Marist/McClatchy poll: she leads Obama among independents by a 47-43 margin.  Mitt Romney leads Obama by a 44-40 margin among independents while Obama ties Rick Perry among independents at 43-43.

Pollinsider argues that the Marist/McClatchy poll is no fluke. Even before the Marist/McClatchy poll, the trends were moving in Palin’s direction in the Palin-Obama matchup according to this chart.

Yesterday’s Drudge headline courtesy of Rubegonia.

Peter Singleton told the National Review the following:

We’re not terribly concerned about when Governor Palin announces…She is going to need to make decision soon, since there are statutory deadlines. But as we see the race, it remains wide open, so we’re not worried about the timing at all.

So which one of you guys is responsible for this?

In case you missed it, the Governor’s PAC indicated in a letter that “she is on the verge of making her decision” on whether to run for the presidency.

What else is going on today?

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