O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Restoring America Rally in Indianola, Iowa

Governor Palin’s Tea Party rally speech in Indianola, Iowa last weekend, brought thousands of people from Iowa and around the country to hear her speak, but many came also to show “tundraroots” support for her. Organize4Palin volunteers from as far away as Alaska,Alabama,  Colorado,Florida, Arizona, Texas, New York and California and as close as Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska came to be “boots on the ground” for Governor Palin and her common sense constitutional message. Peter and Michelle, Iowa co-coordinators, and many other volunteers from Iowa did a lot of pre-rally preparations for Organize4Palin and the event itself.  More than a hundred O4P volunteers came to interact with the crowd, hand out palm cards, and collect contact information from those who were interested in finding out more about supporting Governor Palin on a grassroots level.

Iowa co-coordinators, Peter and Michelle,

and national coordinator, Karen

Organize4Palin literature

Kristen, O4P volunteer from Alaska, spent time working at the O4P booth at the event and spoke with many Iowans, and she shares:

I had the opportunity to meet with and talk to many great Iowans in Indianola while working in the Organizing4Palin booth. They were great people who had shown up in support of their principles and their country. I appreciated their questions about Governor Palin’s contributions to our State and her record as our Governor. We had the opportunity to debate ideas and clarify misconceptions. Some were supporters of the Governor and were quick to sign up to become a part of the O4P army. Others still had questions and concerns or were listening to what all of the candidates were saying, trying to settle on who they were going to support. It was refreshing to engage in serious and thoughtful discussion with them. It was inspiring to see the other O4P volunteers who braved the rain to engage in similar discussion and collect names and contact information from other Iowans in the crowd. I made genuine connections with Iowans that day and was thankful for the opportunity to share the truth of what Governor Palin accomplished while acting as Governor in Alaska with the great citizens of Iowa.

Kristen, O4P volunteer from Alaska,

speaks with an Iowa voter

Thomas, California coordinator, remarks:

Everywhere you turned, there were O4P Volunteers equipped with clipboards taking measurements for new soldiers and making sure they were armed and loaded with facts, truth…and the name of their O4P State Coordinator.

Slowly but surely people are catching on to what O4P is all about…A complete restoration of our country. Even the LSM wanted to know what was going on.

 Karen, national O4P coordinator, speaks with a reporter

Janne, the North Dakota state coordinator, shares the dedication of Palin supporters in spite of the weather:

The conditions at the event became quite difficult, in the torrential rain and mud that seemed to never end, however, our O4P volunteers from all over the nation were hard core troops and braved the weather and the heat to do the job we all had come for, which was grass roots support for Governor Palin.  We know how vitally important it is to connect with each American we meet on this journey to 2012 and beyond, and lay out the vision and record of the Governor, and then connect people with O4P so they can stay informed and get involved.  Most of the sign up people had their papers sheets soaked by rain, yet we had people in the O4P booth working overtime transcribing the information before it bled off the soaking pages.  And every time the rain let up, O4P would hit the fields of IA again to meet and greet people with the common sense message of Gov Palin’s accomplished leadership and their vision and hope to see her run for President.  I am sure most of the 2000 – 2500 people attending was greeted by an O4P person at least half a dozen times.

I came away with high regard for those Palin supporters who understand the season we are in, who are willing and very able to do the work set before us.  And of course I came away with deep inspiration to continue to call myself a Palin Conservative, regardless of whether that means I am a hobbit, barbarian, SOB or other names thrown our way.  Heck, it is an honor to be name called when doing something right, and like Governor Palin alluded to in her IA speech, as she spoke of Lincoln and what he was called; –  history is on the side of Bold and Courageous.

Colorado O4P volunteers snap a picture with Governor Palin

One of the many volunteers who made the trip of from Texas is Mai, a native of Vietnam, who shares her love for America and her well studied support for Governor Palin:

Although not all O4P volunteers were able to make the trip for the speech, Randy, the Florida coordinator, notes a few Florida volunteers had viewing parties of Governor Palin’s speech in their homes. One viewing party of nine had three individuals who entered the party not necessarily supportive of  a potential Palin candidacy, but left the viewing party fully supportive. Another volunteer from Florida, Laura, drove up to Iowa in her RV with a Palin 2012 sign affixed on her RV that incorporated a picture of her grandchildren:

This picture not only was a moving piece of political advertisement; it indicated why she supported Governor Palin, ”  [i]t’s really that simple – my belief that there is only one “candidate” whom I trust to restore this great country to what our founding fathers intended. You see, Governor Palin probably thinks like I do: We must Restore America for our own children & grandchildren.  No apologies.”

Lisa, a volunteer from Arizona, noted following the event that ” there is a wave of grassroots energy and enthusiasm no other GOP candidate enjoys – perhaps that is due to the fact Palin has a message that resonates with real people and not a carefully manufactured script meant to placate and celebrate politics as usual.” That grassroots energy and enthusiasm was on full display that weekend.

Janne shares these final words as a challenge to those whose goal is restoration of America:

So pick up the mantel of time tested truth, my friends, and move forward to restore what is great and good, and let’s show the nation and the world that you cannot name call away or “do away with” Palin Conservatives any time soon!  Some of the volunteers for O4P I saw in IA will not only run the mile dash, but will indeed run the marathon it will take to accomplish what is laid before us.

Game On and God Bless!

Organize4Palin’s efforts continue to ramp up throughout the country. If you feel so inclined, please consider a donation to this “tundraroots” effort. Your generosity is appreciated!

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