O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

Governor Palin’s speech on Labor Day in New Hampshire brought hundreds to Manchester, including several Organize4Palin volunteers from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.  CBS news out of Boston took notice of Organize4Palin’s efforts:

Organize4Palin had a tent at the rally with volunteers from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire staffing the tent and hundreds of rally attendees stopped by to receive more information about grassroots efforts or to sign up to get involved:

Da Tech Guy blog spoke with Steve, one of the New Hampshire O4P volunteers:

He also spoke with an Organize4Palin volunteers from North Carolina who attended the rally. This couple noted, “[m]y wife and I are not political activists and have never engaged until the last year, but it is time. It is time for ordinary citizens to wake up, stand up, and speak up before it is too late. Game on!”

One of the people who got involved with O4P’s grassroots at the rally was Patty Robb of Manchester, New Hampshire, who spoke to Real Clear Politics reporter, Scott Conroy:

Patty Robb of Manchester was among the many rally attendees who gave her contact information to the Organize4Palin volunteers, and said that she and her extended family would “definitely” vote for Palin if she were to enter the race.

Robb noted that Hillary Clinton surprised pundits by winning the Democratic New Hampshire primary in 2008 and said that Palin was well positioned with blue-collar voters here, despite currently lagging in the polls.

“She tells it like it is, which is what America needs right now,” Robb said.

Warren, New Hampshire O4P coordinator,  and Heather, Connecticut O4P coordinator, noted that the event also provided opportunity for further grassroots organizing for Palin throughout New England as supporters from Maine came down to support the Governor:

Governor Palin closed out her speech with a challenge to the grassroots and Tea Party Americans:

And we do have a lot of work to do, friends.

The challenges before us, they can seem daunting, but we must not lose our optimistic spirit. It’s with optimism that America has always come through throughout our history, and what a history it has been!

Organize4Palin’s efforts continue to ramp up throughout the country. If you feel so inclined, please consider a donation to this “tundraroots” effort. Your generosity is appreciated!

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