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Here’s what Rush said yesterday in response to a caller who wanted to talk about Governor Palin:

If you look at what she says when, she does make it appear like at some point she is going to get in this. Nobody knows for certain, but I’ll tell you: The times that she chooses to comment on something, and then what she chooses to say… A lot of people are thinking that she’s signaling it. She’s telegraphing it, making it as loud and clear as possible without actually saying it, that she is going to get in. So time will tell. It’s interesting to read conventional wisdom of the intelligentsia glitterati throughout Washington, ’cause they’re split on this. “No, she’s not gonna run! She’s gonna keep on doing what Limbaugh does. She’s just gonna be a political celebrity. She’s gonna keep on earning a lot of money, keep inserting herself. She’s not gonna run. She’s not. No way she is,” and then there are other people think that she’s telegraphing without any question that she’s going to enter the race. Bachmann, I’ll betcha it’s in the back of her mind that if Palin gets in that changes the whole Bachmann dynamic as well.

Hell, it will change the whole dynamic, period.

Governor Palin also ran ahead of Huckabee and Christopher Christie in the most recent NY Times/CBS News poll as a volunteer choice. None of the three were included as a choice in the 2012 GOP primary horserace poll, so any support that the three received came from respondents who volunteered their names even though the person on the other side of the telephone only provided the names of the eight declared candidates as choices. Since Huckabee would likely be near the top if he did run, it suggests that Governor Palin would also be near the top once she formally announces that she’s running for the Presidency.

What else is going on this morning?

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