Organize4Palin: Laying the Foundation in IA and Nationwide

Peter and Michelle have posted the following message regarding Organize4Palin’s progress in Iowa and nationwide:

Dear Friends,

We wanted to give you an update on a great few weeks for Governor Palin and Organize4Palin.

August 12, Governor Palin came to the State Fair, and it was a wonderful visit. As the Governor said a week later, “we are still remembering all the great patriotic Iowans we met at the state fair.” Then three weeks later, the Governor stopped by the Conservatives4Palin / Organize4Palin meet-up in Urbandale on September 2, to the delight of the attendees. Peter gave a few imprompturemarks at the gathering. The entire evening was just a blast for everyone attending.

The reason the Governor was in Des Moines on Labor Day weekend, of course, was her speech at the Restoring America rally in Indianola on Saturday, September 3. Her words were an epic call to arms, where she addressed the critical need to take on the crony capitalism which afflicts the political class of both parties, and laid out her five point plan to revive the economy. Governor Palin is the only Republican leader of national stature who is defining the terms of debate in this upcoming election, one of the most important elections in American history.

After the Indianola speech, Governor Palin went up to Storm Lake where she ran, unannounced, in a half marathon, finishing second in her age class, then on Labor Day itself, she gave another exceedingly strong speech to a Tea Party Express rally in Manchester, NH.

With respect to Organize4Palin both in Iowa and nationally, we have never been stronger. The day of the Indianola rally, Saturday, September 3, we had more than 120 volunteers, wearing O4P t-shirts, fanned out through the crowd in a driving rain, talking with people about Gov. Palin and O4P, and collecting contact information. Within days, we had entered all of those names in our database, and had begun contacting people. While many of our volunteers were our great friends from O4P chapters in other states, dozens of our volunteers at the Indianola rally were Iowans who were part of our O4P Iowa network. The Governor’s speech in Manchester, New Hampshire two days later similarly saw a great turnout of O4P volunteers.

And, following the Indianola rally, we have had O4P volunteers throughout the state visiting Republican and other conservative events daily, speaking about Gov. Palin and O4P—on Monday, September 12, we had more than 20 of our representatives speaking at almost a dozen county central committee meetings. On that day, we only ran into representatives from three campaigns, each one only appearing at one central committee meeting. The folks from the other campaigns, all of which have big budgets and staffs of political consultants, are getting paid to do what our volunteers are doing because of our commitment to this great nation. Where are they at these meetings? We’re not complaining, mind you—just passing on the observation!

We are also hosting regular screenings of “The Undefeated” at venues throughout the state, both large and small, and are having great success in using this incredible, gripping story to initiate a dialog not only on Governor Palin and her record, but also on what’s at stake in the 2012 election.

We are also working on a number of initiatives, quietly, which we are not talking about publicly, but we are very excited about. These initiatives will build upon the work O4P has done thus far in the past 10 months in building relationships, and building our mailing lists, both in this state and nationwide. Stay tuned!

Please don’t hesitate to contact either of us if you would like to chat about any of the above, or about anything having to do with the grassroots effort supporting Gov. Palin in the great state of Iowa.

Best regards,

Peter Singleton
Iowa state coordinator

Michelle McCormick
Iowa state co-coordinator

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