Real Hope for Real Change: Students4Palin’s Reflections on Iowa and New Hampshire

The following post comes from Ellen and Mary of Students4Palin, two very dedicated, conservative young ladies:

What a weekend!  From Iowa to New Hampshire,  Students4Palin (S4P) had the incredible opportunity to see Governor Palin speak at two lively Tea Party rallies in seventy-two hours.  While we’ll still reeling from the sheer awesomeness of this weekend, we wanted to take the time to share with you some of the extraordinary (and, yes, hopeful!) things we observed this weekend!

1. The Young People Were Out in Force

If you read/watch anything about the Tea Party courtesy of the MSM, you probably will be left with the distinct impression that Tea Partiers are “hicks,” “hillbillies,” “terrorists,” and even “hobbits.” They are “the other”–the “outcasts.” From what we saw this weekend, this characterization couldn’t be further from the truth. Both in Iowa and in New Hampshire, we were overwhelmed by the number of young adults and young families who turned out to hear Governor Palin, and to support the Tea Party.

Piper Palin’s Presidential Exploratory Committee

As Governor Palin said today in New Hampshire, the Tea Party is America. The truth of her words was evident from the people with whom we met and interacted this weekend, and this truth was not lost on respected Real Clear Politics reporter Scott Conroy (@RealClearScott) who noted, “Observation of hardcore Palin supporters: they are YOUNG. A lot of 20-somethings here. Ya don’t see that in Iowa GOP politics.”

On Saturday morning, as we prepared for the rally in Iowa, we had a great showing of students pull themselves out of bed at 8am, clad in O4P and S4P shirts ready to hand out S4P palm cards and to talk to other students about why Governor Palin is the candidate with the best plan for our futures.

Over the course of the weekend, we handed out hundreds of palm cards, and we talked to numerous students about planning and organizing for Governor Palin on their campuses and in their states.

2. The students were very enthusiastic and engaged on the issues

The MSM would have you continue to think that the youth America resides firmly in President Obama’s back-pocket–that we are trophies to be paraded out at his will. Don’t let them fool you! The students we met both in Iowa and in New Hampshire were no one’s pawns. They were informed and fired up–ready to take it to the MSM and the establishment.

In Iowa, for instance, S4P contributor Ellen spoke with one group of six guys who appeared to be about 17-years-old. Although these guys had not yet chosen to support Governor Palin, they were all very interested in her. Ellen spent a good deal of time talking with them and fielding some impressively well thought out questions about Governor Palin and about her record. “Why should we vote for her?” one guy asked. “What has she accomplished?” queried another. “Would Palin support federal education grants for college students and how would her propositions to cut spending affect us?” Ellen thoroughly enjoyed meeting these guys and talking with them about why she stands with Governor Palin.

In New Hampshire, S4P contributor Mary was very excited to speak with Robert Stacy McCain of The Other McCain about some of the major concerns that driving students to get fired up about the Tea Party and about Governor Palin:

3. Governor Palin was very thankful for S4P and for O4P and did not discourage us from organizing for her.

Ellen had the incredible good fortune to meet Governor Palin, not once, but twice, over the course of the Iowa trip. Ellen observed, “When I met her at the C4P dinner she was very excited to see the Students4Palin palm cards. She showed it to Todd and thanked me for all the hard work that Students4Palin is doing.”

Governor Palin publicly expressed her gratitude to O4P during her speech on Saturday when she gave a shout out to all the O4P peeps in the crowd at the rally.

Further emboldened by this encouragement, S4P will continue to do everything in its power to help Governor Palin bring some real hope and some real change to this country. As she voiced in her speeches this weekend, we’re not interested in a “fundamental transformation of America.” We are ready to face the very best the liberals and the establishment have to throw at us. In spite of their best efforts, we will “restore America” to its greatness. Mr. President, establishment Republicans, bring it on.

If you’re interested in doing more than passively sitting on your hands as our country languishes, we encourage you to join us today!

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