ABC News | Report on Grizzly Fest 2011!

ABC News reports on Grizzly Fest 2011!  The main lure of the article focuses on Nicole Coulter’s question to Chuck Heath, Jr. regarding the possibility of him convincing Governor Palin to reconsider a run for the Presidency.

Panelist Nicole Coulter, an editor at the pro-Palin site Conservatives4Palin, asked the question that kept popping up on the event’s chat page where listeners could ask questions of the panelists: Can you convince Palin to change her mind?

“I can’t convince Sarah of anything,” Heath said. “But I will definitely work on her. I understand the reason that she had for not running, but I look at the other choices and it was painful for me, too. Honestly not because she’s my sister, but I honestly thought she was the best candidate out there. I’ll keep working on her.”

He said Palin’s early days in beauty pageants, which he said she did to get a college scholarship, “gave her a bit of confidence” and that “kind of snowballed into what happened now.”

Heath also announced that he’s working on a book with his father Chuck Heath about their family’s “Alaska experiences going back to our grandparents and even before then. It will give everybody a really good look at the influences that made Sarah who she is today.”

You can read ABC’s entire account of the event here.

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