“Arizona Governor Jan Brewer…Confers Regularly with [Governor Palin]”

Endorsements don’t really matter but it’ll be sweet when Governor Brewer endorses Governor Palin’s presidential run:

Jan Brewer’s self-described attack on the liberal media is done and her book will be on shelves in less than a month.

But first, a word from Sarah Palin.

Brewer told Capitol Media Services she confers regularly with the former Alaska governor. And she sent Palin an advance copy of her book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” asking her for a foreword.

Palin obliged.

“It’s not surprising,” Brewer said. She noted that Palin came to Arizona last summer to have a joint press conference to defend SB 1070. That measure, approved earlier last year by the Legislature, is designed to give police more power to detain and arrest suspected illegal immigrants.

“She’s been a very big supporter of what Arizona is doing in regards to the crime on the border and the illegal immigration,” Brewer said.

“She’s someone that I’ve always admired,” the governor continued. “I appreciate the fact that she’s stepped forward and did it.”

Brewer won’t share what Palin wrote, at least not yet. And she said no decision has been made whether to provide copies of the book for review in advance of its Nov. 1 release date.

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