C4P Reader Survey Results – Overwhelming Majority (73%) Still Support Governor Palin

We asked for your feedback … and you gave it. Some 1,700 readers participated in our poll last weekend. Thanks to all. We’ll likely have more analysis about the survey, but here’s a quick snapshot of the most salient results, starting with how C4P readers are reacting to Governor Palin’s decision.

Not surprisingly, Herman Cain benefitted the most from Gov. Palin’s decision. He racked up a big preference among our readers. That being said, many are still taking a wait-and-see approach.

Here are the results:

But most people see a Romney nomination as most likely …

The majority seem to want C4P to continue functioning as a one-stop-shop for Palin news:

And many folks are hoping to continue seeing Governor Palin give speeches and write books, or perhaps serve in a cabinet role:

But we’re still holding out for a future presidential run …

Finally, it looks like the vast majority of C4P readers want our GOP nominee to focus on repealing Obamacare …

Note: An earlier version of this post contained incorrect math …  which isn’t surprising coming from a journalism grad like myself. I added the 39% who supported Governor Palin’s decision unconditionally and the 34% who understand her decision to come up with the 77% 73% who support her. That makes sense, right?

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