Don’t Blame Only the Republican Establishment

Guest Submission by Lewis R. Sheckler

It appears that Mitt Romney will be the Republican presidential nominee because conservatives cannot get their act together. While the Republican Establishment and other Republican liberals focus their support on RINO Romney, conservatives spread their support among Santorum, Cain, Perry, Gingrich and Bachmann. The math foretells the result.

Whom should the conservatives unite behind?

Bachmann has no executive experience and has demonstrated poor judgment and an ethical deficiency. She hired Ed Rollins soon after he had trashed Governor Palin. He then trashed Sarah again immediately after he began to work for Bachmann, apparently with her approval. People working for Bachmann told people in early primary states that they should support Bachmann because Sarah Palin would not run. They did not know that, of course. This deception was obviously approved by Bachmann.

Gingrich has no executive experience, there are serious questions about whether he is trustworthy and he certainly has not been a consistent conservative. How trustworthy is a man who has cheated on two wives and who left Congress under an ethical cloud? He organized a political action committee that allegedly violated tax laws. In 1997, Speaker Gingrich was censured by his House colleagues for providing false information to a House panel investigating the matter. A personal scandal led Gingrich to resign in late 1998. Starring in a PSA, sitting beside Nancy Pelosi, supporting the global warming hoax, is definitely not something Sarah Palin would do. When Sarah supported a New York conservative running for Congress, Newt supported the liberal candidate. And Google: Newt Gingrich’s Skeleton Closet.

Perry has certainly not been a consistent conservative, and his record concerning illegal immigration is just plain bad. Furthermore, Perry is up to his neck in crony capitalism.

Santorum cannot get any traction. He will not be the Republican nominee. He is hurt by his insufficient likability, his lack of executive experience and the fact he lost his U.S. Senate seat with almost a landslide: 59% to 41%. As a Republican presidential candidate, he is more focused on attacking the more conservative candidates than Mitt Romney.

Cain is not the perfect conservative candidate, but he is apparently the best Republican presidential candidate. His support of TARP bothers conservatives. He excuses it by saying he believes the law was OK, but the administration of it was bad. To be fair, he certainly was not the only conservative who supported it. Cain is conservative, is genuine, is likable, has a very impressive resume, has an inspiring personal story and is an outstanding orator. He needs to broaden his message beyond “999”. He has stuck his foot in his mouth a few times, but being sharp and a fast learner, his foot-in-mouth problem will probably dissipate quickly. Cain does not have the money needed for a prolonged campaign. That problem could very well be overcome if he wins Iowa and South Carolina. He can win both IF conservatives unite behind him.

If Romney becomes the Republican presidential nominee, the Republican Establishment will deserve only part of the blame. Conservatives will own the rest.

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